Warez Antivirus Downloaders Are Stupid

June 9th, 2008


You know what really makes me laugh? When people, sometimes classified as “advanced noobs” try to steal money from poor antivirus companies by downloading “full version” working retail copies of their antivirus software to protect their personal computer. If you knew that 99% of the people downloading your file had absolutely no antivirus protection, wouldn’t you be tempted to sneak in a trojan or two on their pirating ass? Damn right.

Come on, guys. If there’s one thing I’d pay for it’s decent antivirus software. Let’s face it, if you run Windows or are forced in some way to keep a Windows machine around, whether it’s for Exchange, gaming, work, etc., virus software is just a good idea. It’s like that extra car warranty you might never use, but you know in the back of your mind if you floor it and mow down that old lady taking too long to cross the street — you’re in good hands.

Three simple words: Pay The Man. What’s $30 or $40 for some good software that’ll protect your illegal pirating leeching ass from falling victim to another man’s scam? While we’re on the subject, let me throw a plug out to AVG Technologies, formerly Grisoft, makers of the AVG Anti-Virus. They’re so sweet they even give away a bulk of their hard working software for free in a minimal lag release of, what else, but “AVG Free.” If you’re going to pay anyone for anything, and I don’t recommend this often, go buy AVG for your Windows-based computer.

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2 Responses to “Warez Antivirus Downloaders Are Stupid”

  1. Richard

    I’ll stick with AVG. I don’t run Windows enough to really “need” an antivirus, but it’s always good to have. Who knows what nightmares await you when you run Microsoft products. Even on a Mac, anything that says Microsoft is going to run pretty poorly, IMHO.

  2. sistom

    I vote for kaspersky anti-virus. I have always loved them, and guess what? I stole it! MUASHASHASH ;) rich > *