A long, long time ago, in a galaxy not too far away…

Apple, Inc. started playing around with the idea of building products that ran on the Intel family of processors. Faster, more reliable and readily available, it was a good idea and they soon made their move. Around the middle of 2005, Apple released a development kit to select businesses and individuals: Mac OS X “Tiger” 10.4.1 and it was soon leaked onto the Internet by software pirates who got a first hand look of running the Mac operating system on their personal computers.

Richard Ward, an avid technology enthusiast and web designer, stumbled upon a group of people modifying and hacking their new find, which was released into the “deadmoo” VMWare image that ran Mac OS X virtually on top of Windows (or Linux). After playing around with it extensively, Richard decided to copy the entire Operating System to a physical hard drive for full, native speed. After some tweaking and modifying, the rest is now history.

This blog is dedicated to technology, and not just about Apple or Mac. With the help of a dedicated group of authors, Daily Blogged aims to bring you news, tutorials, and opinions from a different kind of angle. Feel free to stop by daily for updates, or you can follow us on Google or with our Dashboard Widget.

Suddenly, in mid 2009, as the summer heat intensified, Richard decided that he was going to move on from this blog. But since it had grown so large and he couldn’t dream of upsetting the Daily Blogged community, he handed it over to his right hand man, Thomas. Thomas is a high school student and Web Developer in training. He got interested in running OS X Leopard on his laptop in early 2008 and instantly fell in love with the project. He, along with his writers, vow to never let the site die and to provide help for anyone in need.