We’re back, and we’re faster! (I hope)

July 1st, 2010


Thanks for patiently hanging in during our 3 hours of downtime. In the process, two comments were lost (sorry Alexander Brown), which isn’t bad for an entire host change. It was a spontaneous decision, so we didn’t have time to let you know about the downtime beforehand.

Now that my promotion with 1and1 hosting is expiring, I’ve switched hosting to nexx.com, where they were able to offer me a super competitive price. The plan we’re now running on includes unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and a couple other features we didn’t have before. These features won’t really be noticed by the user, though they’re huge improvements for us to potentially play around with some stuff. Plus, if it doesn’t work out with Nexx, which I’m sure it will, we can always go back to 1and1.

The only thing I’m a little worried about is speed since Nexx isn’t as popular and mainstream as 1and1. From my end, however, things seem to be running a bit snappier. Downloads also seem to be quite a bit quicker, which is always a plus. Be sure to answer in the poll below so I can get a feel on how the site is running for the users. This poll will also appear in the sidebar. Once again, thanks for your cooperation through all this.

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4 Responses to “We’re back, and we’re faster! (I hope)”

  1. MoNcHeE

    Hi, can you make a new and updated guide for Dell Inspiron 1525 hackintosh? I’m kinda confused with a lot of other guides..

    • Thomas

      I am considering it, though the guide would be very time consuming to write. When given the choice of which they would like, more people chose a 10.6.3 update guide over an updated Leopard guide. Leopard has been on its way out and Snow Leopard is now the OS of choice, so I’m not sure if the users would benefit enough to write the whole guide.

  2. Alex

    Have you heard of NearlyFreeSpeech? I hear they’re pretty good. (And cheap!)

    • Thomas

      I’ll probably look into them in about a year or so, though the promotion I’m on right now is super competitive with some pretty decent speeds + features. Thanks for the tip, and I’ll keep them in mind.