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Warez Antivirus Downloaders Are Stupid

June 9th, 2008


You know what really makes me laugh? When people, sometimes classified as “advanced noobs” try to steal money from poor antivirus companies by downloading “full version” working retail copies of their antivirus software to protect their personal computer. If you knew that 99% of the people downloading your file had absolutely no antivirus protection, wouldn’t […]

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Do You Need Anti-Virus On Your Mac?

March 13th, 2008

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Microsoft’s Windows Operating System is the most popular computer software in the world right now. With the #1 spot comes more than the bright limelight. Crackers and “script kiddies” are out to exploit your Windows-based desktop or laptop and steal all your personal information. For the average Internet user, sooner or later that’s going to […]

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