My Dock (Part Two)

June 6th, 2010

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My dock is a little more crowded than I would like, but then again, I launch the majority of my apps through Spotlight anyway (a quick Ctrl+Space to bring it up). It sits at the bottom of the screen with Hiding turned on so as not to take up any valuable screen real estate. It minimizes applications with the Genie effect, and hosts 16 applications, 1 folder, and Trash. Here’s what they are:

Finder– She may not be pretty, but she gets the job done. I use the Columns layout as it’s the only one I can actually find anything in!

Thunderbird– This is probably the finest email app I’ve ever used (on both Windows and OS X). It hosts tons of add-ons, is set to automatically make a local copy of every email I receive/send, and has a Windows counterpart so I don’t need to learn a whole other application.

Adium– With support for 18 IM protocols, including Facebook and AIM (I’ll do anything to avoid AIM and!), I couldn’t be more pleased. The numerous add-ons and Guest Account features also help. Lacks native Video Chat though.

Safari– I don’t use Safari too often, though it’s great for opening questionable links that I wouldn’t dare subject Firefox to. The Private Browsing and Reset Safari features are also helpful when doing things you don’t want others to find out about; you know, shopping for gifts. What were you thinking?

Firefox– The most frequently used item on my Dock. The add-ons are my favorite aspect, though too many will slow down your browser. I know this issue all too well.

Preview– I’m not too sure why this is in my Dock. It’s my default application for viewing photos and PDF’s, though I never manually launch it.

iTunes– As Alex said, bloated but just so darn loveable. As my default music player, I need it for adding music, movies, and apps to my iPod.

iPhoto– I rarely use iPhoto as I seldom take pictures nowadays, though I have a blast whenever I do use the application. The Faces feature takes the cake for me.

Spaces– Why is this in my Dock? I’ve yet to intentionally launch it, though there is some stupid hotkey on my keyboard that opens it. I still don’t know which damn button it is…

SerialSeeker- Don’t ask, don’t tell.

Eclipse-Competing with Netbeans as my favorite Java editing app, though it is in the lead by a bit.

System Preferences– I’m always in System Preferences looking for something to tweak. I end up breaking more than I fix.

Disk Utility– I visit Disk Utility a lot, especially now that I’m playing around with both Leopard and Snow Leopard.

iWeb– I used it once or twice to explore its features, but then never removed it from my Dock. I also like the icon.

AirPort Utility– I added it to my Dock a couple months back when my Airport Express was on the fritz. The issue has since been resolved, though I also like how it looks.

Airfoil– Though I don’t user her too often, Airfoil is an immensely useful app. I use it for streaming non-iTunes audio to my Airport Express.

Applications- I never use it, but it looks cool. I really need to clean out my dock…

There’s my dock in a nutshell! Whether or not she’s a beaut’ is up to you, though I’m perfectly happy with her. What’s in your dock?

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2 Responses to “My Dock (Part Two)”

  1. Alex

    I’ve never liked iPhoto. I don’t understand this database-driven organization stuff. I just use Finder.

    And I wish I had an AirPort Extreme. And a Time Capsule. That’d be nice.

    • Thomas

      iPhoto has a boatload of features you cannot find in Finder alone. I do see where some users might have a gripe with it though. Personally, I wish there was an iLife package for Windows.
      My Airport Express is absolutely amazing though. It’s the one from 2004, but this thing still runs great. It does have its issues, and I actually received it for free because it wouldn’t function properly; after a couple firmware flashes and assigning it a static IP, all is well and it’s streams my music to the surround sound system in my living room. My next project will be to get printer/hard drive sharing working.