OS X 10.5.7 Installation Guide

May 13th, 2009

Apple / Mac, Leopard

temp-image_1_1With the release of OS X Leopard 10.5.7 (codename Juno), you probably want to upgrade to the latest version. 10.5.7 boasts tons of new fixes ranging from Parental Controls to Server issues. Lucky enough, 10.5.7 is actually very easy to install and doesn’t break too many things. So with that in mind, lets jump right in to the update. Just note that this has been confirmed working on systems running 10.5.6 versions of Kalyway, iPC, and XxX. Feel free to test it on systems running other versions of OS X and leave a comment on how it goes because it is the combo update so who knows…

1. Backup your computer. Seriously, stop what you’re doing a make a backup. You won’t regret it.

2. Go to Apple.com to download the 10.5.7 Combo Update.

3. Open the DMG and launch the Package Inside.

4. Run the installer and then click reboot when prompted.

5. Let the computer reboot and boot back into OS X. The first reboot after installing 10.5.7 will most likely fail and you will either get a Kernel Panic or it will restart on it own. This is completely normal. If you get the Kernel Panic, do a cold shutdown (hold power button for 8-10 seconds).

6. Turn the computer on again and boot back into OS X with the “-v” (verbose) flag.

7. Wait as this boot will probably take a little longer than usual. Just let it run and eventually you will be back at the familiar login screen. Login to your account and let your Desktop load.

8. Download and reinstall the Broadcom Script, Trackpad Preference Pane, and AppleHDA.kext which will all be broken after the update.

9. Repair Disk Permission and then reboot.

10. Congratulate yourself for successfully upgrading to OS X Leopard 10.5.7

If after installing the update you no longer see the battery meter, download and install the Voodoo Kexts. This will give you your battery meter back. Everything else besides for Audio, WiFi, Trackpad Preference Pane, and in some cases, the battery meter, should be working after installing 10.5.7. If you have any other issues than please make a comment below and we will get back to you ASAP.

If you found this guide useful then feel free to make a donation by clicking the link at the end of the Author’s Mini-Biography. Any amount truly does help.

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175 Responses to “OS X 10.5.7 Installation Guide”

  1. shayen

    is there any possibility broadcom bcm4313 wireless card could ever work?! i cant even connect to internet :( not even through ethernet :L im using hp mini 11 – 3138tu, 1.66ghz atom processor and 1 gb ram if that helps in any way

  2. Rendell

    I have a problem. After I boot up to 10.5.7, my trackpad nor keyboard works. I tried with a USB mouse but that didn’t work. Now my pointer just hovers above the apple (top left) logo waiting for something to happen.

    I managed to get to the desktop because I pressed the power button.

    I have the drivers for the 10.5.7 update, but no way to access them.

    Please help me!! Any help appreciated!!

    BTW: I tried to upgrade from 10.5.5 to 10.5.7 with the comboupdate from apple.

    • Thomas

      Try booting with the -v -f boot flags. If both your trackpad and USB mouse still do not work, boot with the -v -f -x boot flags.

  3. Thomas

    Joey- Lol ok, glad you fixed your own issue. To my knowledge, there is currently no way to directly upgrade Leopard to Snow Leopard. Let me know if you face any more issues.

  4. Joey

    Sorry to bother, but I got the trackpad and keyboard working. it was an acpi issue that was solved by reinstalling your appleacpi thing kext.

  5. Joey


  6. Joey

    Thanks for the reply, I was able to do the 10.5.6 update. Downloading 10.5.7 and then I will install 10.5.8. One question, can I upgrade my leopard to snow leopard without making another partition and without moving all of my apps and data off my leopard partition? If not, I guess I can just wait until there is something, but if there is please give me some sort of link that tells me how to do it.

  7. Joey

    Can I upgrade from 10.5.5 to 10.5.7 because the 10.5.6 upgrade does not seem easy, this would be much safer and easier. Please do let me know soon.

    • Thomas

      A few users have tested a direct upgrade and I believe they ran into some issues. In other words, it would be best to upgrade to 10.5.6 and then eventually 10.5.7.

  8. Yuriy

    Thanks Thomas,

    The reason I asked is that I was contemplating on upgrading my Dell 1525 to 10.6.x but noticed you mentioned on this blog that only 32bit is possible at this time.


    • Thomas

      You can actually run both 64-bit and 32-bit applications in 32-bit Snow Leopard. Unlike Windows, successfully running apps doesn’t rely on the architecture of the OS.

  9. Yuriy

    How do I tell if I’m running 32 or 64-bit version of 10.5.7? I need to install an app that only supports 64-bit.


    • Thomas

      To my understanding all versions of Leopard do have some sort of 64-bit support so the app should run fine. Just try installing the app and see. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen…

  10. gelu

    Hi all,
    i made step by step until 10.5.7 update. In this position my 1525 frezed. When i run cumulative update indicated in tutorial nothing respond. So i have to reistall 10.5.2.

  11. GuitarMaker81

    Okay, so now EVERYTHING works in my 10.5.7 machine, and for the benefit of others who might run into my optical drive conundrum, I had neglected to install the SATA drivers for the Intel Chipset. It may be called different things in different builds, but in iPC, it’s the oh-so-important option for “Intel ICHx SATA Drivers.” I’m not sure if this can be applied after the fact by booting from the install DVD and unchecking ALL options but this one, as I started from scratch. Perhaps Tom can confirm this for us.
    Additionally, I had conflicting Broadcom kexts installed and didn’t realize it, so even though I could see my networks, I couldn’t connect. IMO, iPC proved an easier method than iDeneb. Hope this is helpful to my fellow Hack1525-ers. :) Does anyone know how I can improve my dismal (20.1) OpenGL score in XBench?

    BTW, does the numlock calculator pad toggle on for anyone? I’ve toggled it’s expected behavior in the Dell BIOS, but it won’t turn into a number pad for me. I guess I was lying when I said “everything” works, but it would be the icing on the cake, for sure!

    • Thomas

      The Intel ICHx SATA Driver can most likely be installed by itself after the fact, although this is just an assumption. As for your OpenGL scores, they are stuck at their low, low scores as our Graphics card is absolutely horrible and unfortunately can’t be improved. Real Macs don’t have a Num Lock key so that’s why that isn’t working for you.

  12. GuitarMaker81

    I may try that soon. I intend to use the notebook as a node for Logic Studio, which is running on my Hackintower. SL has the distinct advantage of being able to buy the license, but I’ll run this stable 10.5.7 configuration for a few days and experiment with the optical drive a bit more. Thanks for the kind assistance. Donations coming for you and Genaro as soon as I am able. :) Though donation is hardly an appropriate term. You guys have worked hard to bring us all this info!

  13. GuitarMaker81

    Ouch. Well, Mama always told me I was special… :) I tried using Genaro’s dsdt.aml + Chameleon fix, thinking it might help the drive “show up,” without success. My next step is to start with a fresh 10.5.6 install from a newly downloaded image of iPC PPF5, and generate my own .aml from there. Hopefully that will change things. As for the wifi, I specifically got the Dell 1395 card, which had been reported working by everyone and their dog using the modified Broadcom kext… Perhaps I am just lucky there as well. Clicking the ads. (Even if you are just reading this topic you should be doing this, people; it’s one of the best sources out there!) :) Thanks for the great help and quick reply.

    • Thomas

      Sorry I couldn’t be of more help to you. You might want to try Snow Leopard instead as we have gotten a decent amount of the hardware working (Notable differences are lack of Internal Microphone support with the current driver and sleep not working for some). It’s also quite possible your DVD drive and WiFi will be working in SL. If you want to give it a shot, check out out Snow Leopard guide here.

  14. GuitarMaker81

    Oops. Disregard PPF6, that’s from a failed attempt with iPC. :/ iDeneb v1.4 seems to be stable other than the issues described above. Still applying the standard patches though…

  15. GuitarMaker81

    Hi Tom, et al. Thanks for this helpful info. I’ve read every 1525 forum entry I can find, but have yet to encounter others who have optical drives that are not found/recognized. Obviously it worked the first time around, I installed iDeneb 10.5.6 PFF6 with it. But for some reason, it’s just not showing up in Profiler or mounting disks/seeing CDs. I thought the combo update might *magically* resolve this, but no dice thus far. I got this notebook about a week ago, refurb from Dell direct, so no pre 10.5.6 installs to compare it to. Is this a documented problem that I just have not run across the fix for? This is the more critical of my two issues so far. The lesser is that although the Broadcom fix has me able to see Airport, and my WEP encrypted network, it fails to connect. If this issue has been discussed, please just hit me with a thread link/post #. Clicking the ads like crazy, possible donations forthcoming! *crosses fingers and reboots* :)

    • Thomas

      As for the first issue, I’m afraid I won’t be able to help. I have never experienced an issue with a DVD Drive not working in OS X and I wouldn’t know where to start. As for the second issue, which wireless card are you using? Some cards have incomplete drivers which allow them to see networks but won’t allow them to connect to some (specifically ones with WEP or WPA encryption).

  16. shelby

    I got it working I installed the trackpad preference pane that came in the 10.5.7 update pack

  17. shelby

    Well I just found out its not perfect yet, my trackpad works but it is not recognized, it scolls by itself or it clicks by itself, i just kexthelpered the ps2controller kext but that didn’t help, any suggestions.

  18. shelby

    I got it to work I couldn’t find the keyboard fix in the XXX disc but I installed a ps2 controller kext and that seemed to work. Thank You.

  19. Shelby

    Ok thanks i’m getting it right now, i’ll let you know if it helped.

  20. Shelby

    Ok I will give that a try, i really hope it works its a pain not having the keyboard and trackpad work, but will that just install the fix or will it give me a fresh install on 10.5.6. I don’t want to lose all my stuff.

    • Thomas

      If you make sure to uncheck everything (including 10.5.6 Base System) and you ONLY install the PS2 Keyboard fix then it will only install that fix.

  21. Shelby

    It didn’t work, any more suggestions?

    • Thomas

      If you have either an XxX 10.5.6 or an iPC Universal PPF5 Install disc then you can boot those up and uncheck everything but the PS2 Keyboard Fix. Install just the one file you your Macinotsh HD and then that might work.

  22. Shelby

    Well i still can’t get my keyboard and trackpad working. I read in some other website that maybe the kexts are causing a conflict of some sort. Does anyone know how to fix this or have any ideas.

  23. Kai

    omg thanks for this post, update from XxX worked like a charm – didn’t even have a kernel panic! thanks!

  24. stormcracker

    hello guys, after upgrading to 10.5.7 my audio stopped working, and i have tried all the fixes ETC, restored my extensions and no audio, ive tried richard’s method dont know if im doing it right.everything else seems to be working right.can someone please help, thanks……

  25. Shelby

    Yeah they only stopped working when i updated to 10.5.7, but ill give the other options and let u know if it worked. Thanks

  26. Shelby

    Yes i do have the inspiron 1525 and i used followed the tutorial on this website on istalling os x to it so i think it was Kalyway 10.5.2 and since then i have followed all the guides on this website to update my computer, starting with 10.5.2 and working my way up to this update, and yes my keyboard and trackpad have worked perfectly since the begining. I really dont know why this is not working because i believe that it was in 10.5.5 when u updated to it, the keyboard and trackpack didn’t work either and i remeber installing the kexts with kexthelper then and it worked perfectly. The only new thing i did besides the update of 10.5.7 was the “alterantive to sleep trick” thing you have here, but i went back and deleted everything because that did not work for me. So i really don’t know what could be causing this problem. Is there another way to install these kexts besides kext helper that might help me.

    • Thomas

      There is another program osx86tools that does the same thing. You can give that a shot though I’m pretty sure that would not change anything. The alternative to sleep trick would have no effect on the keyboard although I suggest you check out this guide to get your screen working almost perfectly without any Sleep Tricks and Hot Corners. Anyway, have you tried to reinstall the kexts that got you working after the 10.5.5 update because if they worked once before they might work again? And just to be sure, your keyboard and trackpad worked in 10.5.6 but stopped working when updating to 10.5.7?

  27. Shelby

    Well i dont know if they are installing or not but it is still not working and yes i always boot with -v -f.

    • Thomas

      Just to verify, you are on an Inspiron 1525, right? Also, have the trackpad and keyboard ever worked for you? Lastly, which version and distro of OS X are you running (iPC 10.5.7, iAtkos 10.5.7, etc.)?

  28. shelby

    That did not work it seems the kexts are not installing. any other advice.

  29. shelby

    I really need help, my keyboard and track pad are not working ive tried to install it various times after i downloaded the kexts from this website. I have also repaired the disk various times and it just isnt working.

  30. Thomas

    No problem and glad to hear you backed it up.

  31. Joe

    Yeah im doing a fresh install with iATKOS v7 so i should be right. And thankfully i backed up what very little i had on it lol,thanks for the speedy response.

  32. Joe

    Updated from 10.5.03….. didn’t work so well, comp crashed halfway thourtg the installaton and whenever i reboot i get a kernel panic. I used kalyway 10.5.01 to install, can anyone help??.

    • Thomas

      Joe- I hope you made a backup as it says to in the guide because you are going to have to reinstall OS X (either from your backup or from the OS X DVD). If you do have to reinstall OS X from scratch then I suggest either XxX 10.5.6, iPC Universal PPF5 10.5.6, or iAtkos 10.5.7

  33. Terence

    My graphic card is GeForce Go 7200, I have the problem to display the my living desktop program coz’ the Quartz Extreme = Not supported in iatkos 10.5.7. This program is used to working in my iatkos 10.5.5. I also has other display problems in iWork 09. Can anyone please help?

    • Thomas

      It appears that you might be able to achieve QE/CI support with your card by running NVInstaller, selecting your card, and then rebooting. Try it out and let me know how it goes.

  34. Thomas

    dgan- It sounds to me like you don’t have or no longer have QE/CI support. Try reapplying your graphics kexts, run a tag cache rebuild from Kext Helper, Repair Permission with Disk Utility, and then reboot with -f and see if that fixes your issue.

  35. dgan

    Hi all! I need help with a “graphic and hang” problem after updating from 10.5.6 to 10.5.7.

    My system is an amd64 4000+ (sse3 capable), 2gb ram, geforce 6600gt 128mb and sataII seagate 500gb.

    I have three OS X partitions on my pc. One was updated from 10.5.4 (Leo4all v4.1) to 10.5.7 using the updates directly from apple software update and replacing the kernel with a voodoo version.

    The second partition was updated from 10.5.6 (ipc universal ppf5 final) to 10.5.7 using ideneb combo upgrade.

    The last partition was updated from 10.5.6 (ipc universal ppfr5 final) to 10.5.7 using the original apple update (via apple software update without modifications) and replacing the kernel with a voodoo version.

    The 3 partitions are using an efi graphic string and all worked perfect at 10.5.6. When I updated the three to 10.5.7 using the methods mentioned above, the graphics problem began. I mean, when I open preview, (the best way to reproduce the error fast in my tests) and make some window movements with images or pdf files, the mouse cursor freezes with all the screen and after 5 seconds, the mouse begins to move again but the screen remains freezed until I make a restart. The interesting part, is that only happens with video because I continue having sound and activity on my system. Is the video the only part being affected.


  36. Thomas

    axe97- It is expected that it doesn’t restart properly after installing so you were not wrong in turning it off. You can probably fix the “still waiting for root device” error by booting up the OS X install disc and unchecking everything except for your ICHx Chipset Driver. The total install size should not be more than a few MB’s. If it says 6gb then you need to uncheck “OS X Base System” or whatever the base system is listed as on your distro. Install just the chipset driver and when it is finished (it is OK if it says install failed)restart and boot with -f and see if it works.

  37. axe97

    no im on a dell inspiron 6000 laptop. one thing is, when the update finished installing and i hit reboot, all the icons and dock went away, but the laptop never restared. so i had to force restart it. is that right or am i just not patient enough?

  38. axe97

    hi. everytime i try to update, whether its your (awesome) guide or another or even the iDeneb update, on boot it will go to the grey apple loading screen, and then a circle with a line through it pops up, and it doesnt continue. in verbose mode it says “still waiting for root device” or something very close to that. im sure that my ICHx chipset driver is installed though. any help will be greatly appreciated.

  39. ram

    I bought 15″ dell 1525 with custom dispay of 1680×1050 resolution. I am running 10.5.7 with out any major problems. But only one annoying thing is I could get only 1600×1000 resolution. if I select 1680×1050 it goes black. any suggestions. I have been looking for this for months.

    • Thomas

      Unfortunately, at this point in time, you are not able to get your monitor up to 1680×1050, but you can get it up to 1680×1000 by following these steps:

      1. Download the drivers
      2. Boot with -v -f
      3. Open Terminal and type the following commands
      sudo rm -rf /S*/L*/Extensions.mkext
      sudo rm -rf /S*/L*/Cache/*

      4. Kext Helper the kexts you downloaded in step 1
      5. While in Kext Helper, click Advanced and then hit Tag Cache Rebuild and Run
      6. Open Disk Utility and Repair Permissions
      7. Download the dsdt.aml and place in the root of your HDD (You must also be using the latest version of Chameleon which can be acquired here)
      8. Reboot with -v -f -x
      9. Open System Preferences and then the Displays preference pane
      10. Change the default resolution to any except for 1680√ó1050 (Preferably 1680×1000 if it’s listed as supported)
      11. Reboot and your laptop screen should not only work but you should have QE/CI

  40. Robert Greenhouse

    Thomas – It’s no problems! Yes, I’ve tried changing the res in the prefpane.

    As I mentioned before, do you think that the iPC boot disk would be of use to me in solving this problem? It’s just that I can’t think of any other determining factors for the resolution/graphics card recognition other than the kexts… It doesn’t even know it’s a 3100!

    • Thomas

      Robert- One thing you could try that might work for you is booting up the iPC Install Disc (not the Live CD) and installing “Intel GMAX3100” as found under iPC OSx86 10.5.6 Intel AMD SSE2 SSE3 —>Drivers —> Video Drivers —> Intel. Make sure to uncheck/unselect iPC OSx86 10.5.6 Base System so that “Intel GMAX3100” is the only thing selected for install. Then go ahead and install it to your already existing OS X Partition (It is ok if after installing it it says that the install failed). Then boot back into your OS X partition and see if you have QE/CI. If you don’t, now go ahead and Kext Helper the 1440×900 kexts, run a Tag Cache Rebuild, Repair Permissions, and reboot one last time to see if that worked. Report back with your progress.
      As for the iPC boot disk, I don’t see how it would be beneficial in this situation. And btw, in the Chameleon Bootloader, it doesn’t list my graphics card as being a GMA x3100 either. I believe it says GMA 950 or something similar to that so that’s not a problem at all.

  41. Thomas

    Robert- I hope I don’t insult your intelligence with this question but have you tried changing the resolution in System Preferences –> Displays?

  42. Thomas

    Justin- Glad to hear it worked! And sorry, no XBox Live, just AIM, Yahoo, facebook, and all those other funky ones. Why do you ask? Also, what resolution were you able to get working? And do you have QE/CI?

  43. Justin

    Thomas, greetz. Your suggestion and files worked.

    Are you on XBOX Live?

  44. Robert Greenhouse

    Thomas – I tried that guide – No dice! Still stuck at 1024×768. :/

  45. Thomas

    Goddam Robert why didn’t you tell me you were on a 1440×900 screen. Lol its no problem at all. To fix the issue and get QE/CI go to https://dailyblogged.com/post/qeci-support-for-1440×900-resolution-screens/

  46. Justin

    THanks for the instructions, thomas, it is truly appreciated. Also, now that you mention it, I have to use 1600×1000 on 10.5.6. 1680×1050 gives me a screwed up mouse pointer. When I get home I will try this out.

    I’ll report back here for everyone else who is following along.

  47. Robert Greenhouse

    Hi Thomas, as Justin mentioned thanks so much for your help here, it’s much appreciated by us all.
    I am using a silver 1525 with a native resolution of 1440×900 as I had this resolution up to the latest update right until I used the DellEFI app. I’ve tried the guide you just gave out to Justin with no luck. Do you think the iPC app would help me out?

  48. Justin

    I also forgot, the resolution of my LCD in 10.5.6 is 1680×1050

    • Thomas

      Justin- Previously, someone else had an issue with getting 1680×1050 working and luckily they were able to get it working with QE/CI. Unfortunately, you can’t use 1680×1050. You have to use the next lowest resolution your Graphics Card supports.To do so, just follow these steps (credit goes to MacNoob):

      1. Download the drivers
      2. Boot with -v -f
      3. Open Terminal and type the following commands
      sudo rm -rf /S*/L*/Extensions.mkext
      sudo rm -rf /S*/L*/Cache/*

      4. Kext Helper the kexts you downloaded in step 1
      5. While in Kext Helper, click Advanced and then hit Tag Cache Rebuild and Run
      6. Open Disk Utility and Repair Permissions
      7. Download the dsdt.aml and place in the root of your HDD (You must also be using the latest version of Chameleon which can be acquired here)
      8. Reboot with -v -f -x
      9. Open System Preferences and then the Displays preference pane
      10. Change the default resolution to any except for 1680×1050
      11. Reboot and your laptop screen should not only work but you should have QE/CI

  49. Justin

    Hey Thomas! Thanks for taking the time out to help everyone! I’m looking for a little more info on X3100 compatibility. I’m having a problem getting a picture on my IBM T61. I have a nearly 100% working hackbook on XxX 10.5.6, the only things that don’t work are the headphone jack and SD Card slot.

    For X3100, 10.5.7 installs Versions 10.5.44 and these produce a black screen. I do get a correct picture and resolution on an external monitor (mouse pointer as well), but my main LCD is black (no mouse pointer). I’ve tried several combinations of kexts, as well as both with and without Natit and AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer. I can’t seem to come to a conclusive result.

    Here’s my situation:
    Using *working* kexts from 10.5.6 produces a garbled screen on both LCD and external display(icons are just black squares, finder menu bar is black, and all windows that open on screen are just black and white boxes.) HOWEVER*-Booting in safe mode with -x produces a WORKING display AND external, just with no QE/CI.

    Using stock kexts yields a black screen in both normal and safe boot.

    The only way I can ever get a working desktop is to just boot in single user and remove all GMA kexts, but then I’m relegated to a 1024×768 desktop with no hardware acceleration.

    I’ve tried the zip of the kexts that you have that are working. Can you tell me the version number that I should be using? I *KNOW* that this should work because on 10.5.6 I have such a nearly flawless system.

    Thanks from all of your input!

  50. Thomas

    You are supposed to have those 950 graphics kexts. I’m not entirely sure how important they are, I just know that we all have them. Are you on an Inspiron 1525 with a silver body or black body? Also, do you know if you have a screen with the 1440×900 resolution (Not in OS X but the screens native resolution when you purchased the computer).

  51. Robert Greenhouse

    Not as far as I’m aware, but I have a suspicion that it went ahead and installed them anyway as I found a bunch of 950 graphics kexts (which I’ve now deleted) after using it!

  52. Robert Greenhouse

    It’s said “Quartz Extreme: Not Supported” since I used the DellEFI app. Sorry for the hassle I’m causing you, but this low resolution is really bothering me as the 1525 is my main computer over the summer.

    • Thomas

      No hassle at all! And it seems that the DellEFI app really messed some things up for you. Did you try to install any graphics fixes/patches with the application?

  53. Robert Greenhouse

    No luck :( The bootloader still says that it thinks it’s a GMA950/960. If it’s only kexts that are affecting factors then maybe there’s some conflict, even though I’m sure that I’ve replaced them all.

    • Thomas

      At this point I honestly do not know what the problem could be. If you have installed the proper QE/CI kexts and still do not have Quartz Extreme then something is wrong but I do not know what it is. Just one last thing- Click on the Apple on the menu bar, About this mac, more info, Graphics/Display, and then find where it says Quartz Extreme. What does it say next to it?

  54. Thomas

    Robert- In that case, I want you to do a Tag Cache Rebuild. Launch Kext Helper, click Advanced, hit Tag Cache Rebuild, and then hit run (you might need to type your password). Then repair permissions again, reboot with -f, and see what happens.

  55. Robert Greenhouse

    Yes I have tried both of those.

  56. Robert Greenhouse

    Hmmm, I can’t seem to figure out why these kexts aren’t bringing my resolution up then. I don’t think that I have QE/CI support.

    It’s been this low after I (stupidly) used the DellEFI tool to try to get my sound and keyboard working. Whilst it did fix those issues, the side effect has been this drop in resolution. However, if it’s only the kexts that affect it, I can’t work out why it’s not increasing again after I’m trying to reinstall them. Any help here would be much appreciated. I’m running a bone stock 1525 with 2gb RAM.

  57. Robert Greenhouse

    Thomas – I’ve tried reinstalling the QE kexts, but am still stuck with the VESA display which is very laggy. Can’t work out why the resolution has dropped like this. Are there any other factors apart from the kexts that could be affecting it?

    • Thomas

      VESA display? Are you on the Inspiron 1525? And if you are on the Inspiron 1525 with the silver body then no, there should not be any other determining factors. Also, do you have Quartz Extreme support (QE/CI)?

  58. Thomas

    Coltssaturday- Glad to hear it! Im also assuming then that your iPC install went alright.

  59. coltssaturday

    yet again great job thomas worked like a charm
    thanks man

  60. Thomas

    Lyme- Contrary to what others, including myself, might have said earlier, the 10.5.7 Combo Update only works when updating from 10.5.6. All earlier versions cause a kernel panic.

  61. machak

    What’s your gfx card, i might be able to help ya.

  62. Robert Greenhouse

    Thanks so much!

    Unfortunately, I’ve still got the issue of my resolution being locked to 1024×768. Sorry to be a pain, but any ideas??

  63. Lyme

    Tried to go from a long time stable 10.5.4 (iATKOS 4.1i) to 10.5.7 using Combo update, since someone in here said it should work, oy. Total failboat, died 30% into install, panic. Then booting with -v fails in panic almost immediately. Going to try and use iPC 10.5.6 and restore. Then backup again. Then 10.5.7.

  64. Robert Greenhouse

    I’ve tried (what feels like) everything in a vain attempt to get my keyboard and trackpad working again after this update. Does anyone have any more ideas as to how I can get it going again? I’ve tried manually deleting the trackpad kext and then using kext helper on the ‘updated’ kext with no luck whatsoever. Has anybody got this to work via a different means??

  65. Robert Greenhouse

    Please ignore me – I’m an idiot!

  66. Robert Greenhouse

    After trying to update from 10.5.5 using the combo update (I followed the 10.5.6 guide instructions also) it appears the update has worked, but when I go to boot, my display is asleep so I can’t see what’s going on. I’ve tried typing my password but am having no luck getting the display to turn on. From the activity light, I can see that it’s doing something but I have no idea what!

    Any ideas?

  67. Thomas

    No problem ;-). And glad to hear that fixed the issue!

  68. rahul

    LOL, MY bad.. thanks thomas.. :)

  69. rahul

    Thanks richard, its gone :)

  70. rahul

    Thanks Richard. Will update and let you know. Btw how do i delete the voodoo kext i installed using this guide? It seems a bit slow on updating the batt stats. i’ve got a power management bundle from a site which i was using before. it works perfectly. now i’ve got 2 batt icons at the top with no idea how to remove the voodoo kext :(

    • Thomas

      To remove the Voodoo Battery, launch Terminal and type the following (all w/o the quotes)
      “sudo su”
      your password
      “cd /System/Library/Extensions/”
      “rm -fr VoodooBattery.kext”
      “rm -fr VoodooPower.kext”
      Then Repair Permissions in Disk Utility and reboot

  71. Thomas

    Rahul- Glad to hear the guide worked for you. You can now go ahead with the Airport Update. You will just most likely need to reinstall the wifi driver because its wiped out when the update runs. Believe it or not though, your settings are untouched during updates so don’t worry about that aspect of things. You can get the wifi script from https://dailyblogged.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/dell_1525_mac.zip

  72. Rahul

    Hey everyone..reporting success here on successful update using this guide. I have airport utility software update still remaining. Shall i go ahead? Am paranoid about airport updates..afraid of ruining my wifi settings.

  73. Neal

    I’m following the instructions and downloading the combo update from the apple website. Not sure how to proceed now, have used carbon copy to make a bootable external harddrive and am trialing all updates on that first, i also have the new cameleon installed so that i get the log in screen following gnbonillo’s guide. Really struggling now, also still on question mark. Thank Neal

    • Thomas

      Ok so it seems then that the only way to go is to either install each update one step at a time (which would only be 3 in your case), or for you to reinstall using a newer disc such as iPC 10.5.6 or XxX 10.5.6. I’m going to assume though that reinstalling is not in your best interest (although a reinstall from a 10.5.6 disc is much more stable and takes less time), so to upgrade to 10.5.5, go here. From there, upgrade to 10.5.6 and then 10.5.7. I’m sorry if I’m just throwing a bunch of links at you but we have some really great guides for upgrading your system and no point in not taking advantage of them. If you have any questions at all about upgrading then feel free to either post them here or in the appropriate guide and I’ll be sure to find them and get right back to you.

  74. Thomas

    Neal- Are you using Software Update or the combo update direct from Apple.com to update?

  75. Neal

    Hi Thomas, tried going direct from 10.5.4 to 10.5.7 and it threw up the you need to power down your laptop by holding the power button. (It doesnt finish installing)

    When it boots back up it goes into a Kernel panic saying that the OS has not been set…

    Have just restored to 10.5.4 and up and working again. Any ideas on how to get round this – also had this issue when I tried to upgrade to 10.5.5


  76. Thomas

    Because the 10.5.7 link provided is for the Combo Update, you should be able to upgrade from 10.5.4. Also, if updating doesn’t fix the “?” key issue then let me know becuase I might have a solution.

  77. Neal

    Sorry thomas the question mark hasnt worked since I installed 10.5.4 which was about 3months ago

  78. Neal

    Hi Thomas, yes I am backing up using Carbon Copy which has proved invaluable while I have been playing around with 10.5.5, however just wondered if I could go straight to 10.5.7 from 10.5.4 – do you think it possible

  79. Thomas

    10.5.4, 10.5.5, its all the same. Just once again, do not attempt it without first backing up your computer (https://dailyblogged.com/post/backing-up-your-data-the-where-why-and-how/)

  80. Neal

    Infact from 10.5.4 to 10.5.7 is this possible…..I’m getting really lazy.


  81. Thomas

    You should be able to go from 10.5.5 because it is the combo update although I would backup before attempting it. As for the question mark, it works fine for me. How long have you been facing this issue?

  82. Neal

    I’m a little behind on updating can I go straight from 10.5.5 to 10.5.7 – and does anyone elses question mark button not work

  83. OSX - need help

    I found another solution, I booted up my ideneb installer disk(an extra) and installed a 10.5.6 patch for the ps2controller, luckily it worked and everything is fine.

  84. OSX - need help

    Thanks I’ll try that, I’ll be back if I recieve further problems

  85. Thomas

    John- Its very strange that your computer is getting that hot, no matter what you’re doing. And in the rare case my laptop does get that hot, it shuts down instead of sleeping. Very strange…

  86. Thomas

    “OS X – need help”- Using a USB Keyboard and Mouse, download http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?fjajykm15wz and then kext helper ApplePS2Trackpad.kext, repair permissions, and reboot and your Keyboard and Trackpad should be working.

  87. John Demented

    I think the problem comes from when I do any encoding of music or video. It seemed to only happen when I was fixing my music library, or trying to convert a video in itunes. My CPU temp woulds rise up as high as 89 and then it would start going to sleep every half minute or so.

  88. John Demented

    I havent had any problems until recently now it seems like my mac want to go to sleep every minute even if I am doing something. Any idea what is causing this?

  89. OSX - need help

    So I can update fine until 10.5.5, but I wanted to update to 10.5.7, however when I got to update to 10.5.6, it updates, but when it reboots, my keyboard and mouse no longer work, is there someway to fix this, so I can finally update to 10.5.7

  90. Thomas

    amit- You can get the drivers to get the GMA X3100 working with QE/CI at https://dailyblogged.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/ci-drivers.zip Just kext helper the kexts, repair permissions, and reboot and it should work for you.

  91. amit chowdhury

    Hi Thomas,

    I have a compaq A900 laptop (Intel core 2 duo T4500 1.66Ghz, 2MB L2 cache, 2GB DDR2 ram, Intel GM965M (GMAX3100) integrated video, Intel ICH8 SATA chipset, 160GB HDD).

    I installed iPC OSX86 10.5.6 PPF5 Final edition. In my case video was working after i have deleted ‘AppleIntelGMAX3100.kext’ & ‘AppleIntelFrameBuffer.kext’.

    But when i upgraded to 10.5.7 according to your instruction, there is no display

    Please help me so that i can use my hakintosh properly.



  92. Thomas

    bt- Download iPC PPF5 Universal and uncheck everything, including iPC OSx86 10.5.6 Base System, except for PS / 2 Keyboard Fix which can be found under PS/2 Device Support. This should eliminate the problem.

  93. bt

    Thomas, thanks for the suggestion but still no dice. I added the ApplePS2Controller.kext using kext helper, repaired the permissions, reboot but the laptop keyboard and mouse pad still don’t work. I’ve also deleted the kext manually and readded the kext but it didn’t work either. Also, reinstalled 10.5.7 combo update, and reapplied the kext and still did not work… Any one know of any kexts that I should be deleting? Worse comes to worse, I’ll do a fresh install….

    On another note, for those who also use Windows and want a dock like what’s on Mac OS, check out rocketdock…. I still boot into Windows 80% of the time since I only have the windows version of the Adobe creative suite and Presenter and Captivate are windows only but now I can emulate my favorite mac os feature. Only thing missing is PandoraJam for windows.

  94. bt

    Just installed 10.5.7 and most everything seems to be working fine with the exception that my laptop keyboard and trackpad don’t work. I have to plug in an external mouse and keyboard. Anyone else run into this issue when going from 10.5.6 to 10.5.7? My base install was iDeneb 10.5.5 and was running for months fairly smoothly on 10.5.6.

  95. Thomas

    John- Personally I like VirtualBox the best. Its free and might even be opensource.

    Prybar- I misunderstood your question before. You unfortunately cannot easily do that because it gets a boot0 error. There is a workaround which involves setting Windows to the boot partition while in OS X, running Parallels or whatever you use, and then setting OS X back to the boot partition. It can get tricky.

  96. Thomas

    If you are asking if you can dual boot OS X and Vista then the answer is yes. Just create an HFS+ partition, install OS X, and you’re done.

  97. prybar

    As an extra to that….is it possible to use any of them with a pre-existing, bootable vista installation?

  98. John Demented

    I want to thank all of you guys for being so amazing and having such an awesome and informative website. Thank to you I have my Dell Inspiron 1525 running almost perfect thanks to the information posted on this site. I have this site saved and will be checking it everyday. My last question which I haven’t found yet is I want to run Windows XP or 7 kind of like the whole bootcamp thing (Just because I can to be honest). I am familiar with Parallel but which one do you think is better Parallel or VMWare?

  99. Thomas

    Glad to hear you like the Mac environment so much

  100. prybar

    The problem I find is that me 3 kids all look so alike as babies, it struggles. It’s true though, it has picked up pictures that I thought it wouldn’t.

    Plus, my wife is getting used to safari, once I set up the media server for the ps3, I could be a Mac’er for life!


  101. prybar

    @Richard – I think it’s very cool, but also seems to struggle with children’s faces, perhaps simply because they’re not “developed” enough?

    • Thomas

      Surprisingly enough, Faces actually picks up on pictures of me now (15 years old) and also pictures of me from when I was 5. It truly is amazing software for the home user.

  102. Richard

    I *LOVE* Faces on iLife. Don’t laugh at the commercial and say: “That only works when you’re lucky or ugly!” It’s an amazing feature and very powerful. Similar technology is being used by Facebook to link profiles to your uploaded friends photos.

  103. Thomas

    Glad we could help. And iLife is great. The new faces feature is really helpful.

  104. prybar

    Same here, like a half hour more.

    And faces just needed to be reset, last time it was scanning is when i had the lid closing/reset problem, so it essentially crashed. Now it’s all good.

    you guys rock!

  105. Thomas

    I also feel that it is extremely stable, even more so than 10.5.6. And I can also say that I get much better battery life on 10.5.7 than any other version.

  106. Richard

    Been running 10.5.7 from this guide (from XxX 10.5.6 Rev1) and it seems really damn stable. :) No major issues to report here. No kernel panics, no freezing. This one’s good.

  107. Thomas

    prybar- Faces works fine for me.

    John- Richard and I have actually been experiencing the panic since 10.5.6

  108. prybar

    Insomniax FTW! Thanks Alex. Next question…anyone gotten Faces to work in iPhoto? It says it’s scanning (the little wheel is turning), but i’ve left it for hours with no pictures found. Anyone else had similar or different experiences?

  109. John Demented

    Okay at least I am not the only one having this issue. I wonder if it has something to do with the (nevermind I know it has something to do with the 10.5.7 update). The only new stuff is the update, the voodoo kext, and the new chameleon bootloader.

  110. Thomas

    John Demented- Richard and I both confirm that we too sometimes get the kernel panic when the computer has been on for extended periods of time, say 24+ hours, but it happens very randomly and not every time so we haven’t been able to pinpoint why it happens. Sorry but we will continue to look into it for you.

  111. Prybar

    Alex – i’ll give that a shot, thanks!

  112. Alex

    I use iPC with the vanilla kernel; is there any reason why I have had no issues with sleep? I use it ALL the time, and I’ve had none of these problems.

    One thing that I did change was I downloaded “InsomniaX” and disabled system hibernation. Not sure what it did, but now my computer sleeps and wakes up instantly, whereas it used to take a few seconds.

  113. John Demented

    My current problem is that if I leave my laptop on for a while say overnight it will have a kernal panic. I dont know how to recreate it because it happens after a long period and can happen when I am using it or not. Any idea how I can check logs and see whats wrong to get help?

  114. prybar

    Here’s a semi-hijack. Now it seems when I close my lid with the AC connected, it reboots the laptop. On battery it’s fine, it sleeps. Any ideas why? Didn’t do this on 10.5.6 that I ever noticed anyways.



  115. prybar

    ummm…That should say wife LIKE it, not LIFE it…damn fingers!

  116. prybar

    Thomas – i tried that, didn’t work. Tried Richard’s instructions, didn’t work. Then checked the sound control panel…wrong output device was selected. D’OH!

    It’s all amazing now, I love my Hackintosh, wish I could make my wife life so I could dump Vista altogether.

    Thanks so much for the help. If I win the 40 MIllion tonight, expect a nice donation. ;)

    (If i don’t, you guys will have to wait until I get a job again..:D)


  117. Thomas

    It does appear that many people, specifically those on Hackintoshes, are reporting much better battery life. When Vista Service Pack 1 rolled out, it boasted an extra 10 minutes or so and Microsoft made sure the whole world knew it. When reading about 10.5.7, I don’t remember seeing anything about battery performance yet it still got a huge boost anyway. You gotta love Apple!

  118. Cristian

    Mac OS X 10.5.7 came with huge improvement in battery life for our 1525. At least 30 min longer life. That’s a real breakthrough.

  119. Prybar

    I’ve applied the sound patch twice, it’s still not working

    I have xXx installed, on a dell inspiron 1525, sound was working fine on 10.5.6, now since the update, it’s not working. The wireless works, as does the battery (which didn’t before!) it’s just the sound.

  120. Jacob

    Clean correct install.
    Simple as.

    Sleep has only ever worked for me when its unplugged from the power source, otherwise it just restarts. (From 10.5.2 onwards.)

  121. Thomas

    How does that compare to your time in 10.5.6.

  122. John Demented

    LMAO unplugged and my display set on 3 my estimated time seems to idle around 1:54. Right now it is 1:30 est, Ill update when its asking me to plug it back in. It just went up to 2:13.

  123. Richard

    I noticed that after installing 10.5.7 and the “Voodoo” stuff (Power/Battery kext), when I unplug the computer from a full charge it estimates battery life about 30 minutes higher than before — just over 3 hours of life. While I haven’t tested this number it looks promising. Up from approx. 2 hours 34 minutes and surpasses the Windows Vista estimate by far.

  124. Richard

    Think of the hacked/patched/tweaked/etc. kernel as that Chinese hooker you “met” on Craigslist for $100 and wasn’t worth $10.

    Think of the vanilla kernel as Steve Jobs living in your house fixing all your computer problems you may run into for free and buying his own beer.

    Which one is better?

  125. John Demented

    I removed that kext along with a few other thermal kext. It seems to be running a little bit better. Every once in a while the temp will spike from its average of around 50 to 65 for what ever reason on my cpu. For the most part it seems alright though. Lot better than before I think. Thank you to everyone for your replies on the matter and for being very helpful.

  126. Dave Wolf

    @j. Demented, Mach Kernel IS the Vanilla Kernel. And, like Richard said, for compatibility with many apps, it’s best to run it should you not need to run another for whatever reason. The 1525 runs fine on the 1525. And, if you machine seems to be running hot, again, kill AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext; I’ve read many a post that explains that even with this disabled that it will cause certain machines/configs to run hot.

    Let me know if that helps you out any…

  127. Thomas

    Sleep currently and always has worked for me when just running on the battery but when plugged in, not so much.

  128. Richard

    I will note that sleep/wake when plugged in works fine, however on batteries the machine will not wake up, rather does the ol’ reboot trick (sleeps fine). I can’t recall if this was an issue on 10.5.6 because I almost never run on batteries.

    (XxX 10.5.6 upgraded to 10.5.7 via this guide)

  129. Richard

    Nope. I’ve never installed EHCIEnabler.kext and don’t believe it’s in the system now. I did a few searches for it and it’s not to be found on my newly upgraded Inspiron.

  130. gBonilla

    Richard do you use EHCIEnabler.kext?

  131. Richard

    I never loaded VoodooUSBEHCI.kext — just VoodooPower and VoodooBattery.

    The vanilla kernel will be best, if you can run it or are running it, keep running it. There are “hacked” (modified) kernels out there to overcome certain limitations but none of which you should be affected by on your Dell Inspiron 1525.

  132. John Demented

    As to my understanding having a vanilla kernal is best for updating and system wise. Can you recommend a kernal that you think would be best and how will it affect me when it comes to future updates?

  133. Gabi

    VoodooUSBEHCI.kext is not loading correctly and sleep is gone.
    Anyone has this problem?

  134. Dave Wolf

    Deleting ‘AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext’ is a good idea once the install finally completes. It won’t do anything but possibly cause issues and is (if your machine is even booting), being disabled anyhow.

    So, delete, clear the Extension cache, repair permissions and roll forth…

  135. John Demented

    I upgraded my Dell Inspiron 1525 and now it gets hot pretty quick. Any idea how I can fix this issue so I dont destroy it? Also will that voodoo driver be good for a Dell Inspiron vanilla install to fix the battery issue?

    • Thomas

      John- To fix the issue check out this post. And yes, the Voodoo kexts will fix your battery issues. Can I ask why you are using the Vanilla Kernel though as opposed to the Mach Kernel.


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