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Beautifying Chameleon with two lines of code

June 19th, 2011


Chameleon is undoubtedly the favorite bootloader among hackintosh users and dual-booters alike. With native support for OS X, Windows, and Linux, an eye-catching selection screen, and support for advanced boot flags, Chameleon does it all. Version 2 saw vast aesthetic improvements over version 1, ditching the command line for a graphical user interface (GUI). One […]

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Why The Windows 7 Taskbar Sucks

February 22nd, 2010


Windows 7 has been quite a hit among Windows users, some calling it what Vista should have been. I’ve used Windows 7 as a secondary OS since the public beta, and I’ve never really been comfortable with the new taskbar. These are the reasons why. That extra click—By default, the Windows 7 taskbar groups instances […]

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Re: The Old Copycat Debate, Revived

November 19th, 2009


(Repost from subjectivemorality.com, my personal website.) This is a response to an article in Win7 News, which you can read in its entirety here. The author, Deb Shinder, is a Windows/Microsoft fan. I am decidedly more in the Apple camp. In her article, Shinder talks about the popular perception that Microsoft copied aspects of OS […]

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Snow Leopard Theme Pack for Windows 7

November 17th, 2009

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I just threw together a Windows 7 theme pack with Snow Leopard’s wallpapers and some sounds from OS X. Here’s a preview: You can download the Snow Leopard theme here, and I’ve also taken the liberty of making a Leopard/Tiger theme as well, for those of you who are partial to the older wallpapers. If […]

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Never In My Entire Life Have I Seen Anything as Awkward as This Windows 7 Ad

October 10th, 2009


This article appeared originally on subjectivemorality.com, where I put all the other crap I write. Microsoft, in a not-so-well-thought-out move, has actually let this horrible, horrible, horrible advertisement for Windows 7 launch parties out of the torture chamber basement to see the light of day (not to mention the stares of disbelief and disgust of […]

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