The “Free Mac” Offer’s Not For Me

June 20th, 2008

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I’ve been thinking for the past couple days about taking up one of these amazing website offers of absolutely “free” prizes just for completing some random offers. One of the biggest prizes and most popular happen to be Apple products. A free iPhone, Mac Mini, Macbook Pro, etc. A quick Google search undercovers multiple blog posts, or should I say “blog” posts about happy winners who ended up spendinig a little bit of money taking these required “free” offers and getting thousands of dollars worth of Apple for a few hundred bucks.

… Then I start to wonder, how many of these “blog” posts are actually strategically placed advertisements? Wouldn’t you feel better completing some risky free offer if your online friend at did it with success? Sure you would. Me? I’ll pass.

Yes, I could spend just a couple hundred bucks on a Free Mac offer that sounds legit, comb through the terms of service, pay some of my friends to take out pre-paid credit cards and help me on this endevear, but what if it fails? What if it was really a scam, or my completed offer doesn’t give me the credit points I need in time? As Steve Jobs says, “Boom.” It can happen. What if I’m spending $200 to $300 per possible scam site? That can add up to a free Mac in no time.

Save up some money and then visit the Apple Store. If you don’t need the money, then it’s “free.”

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