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August 11th, 2010

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After receiving some mixed reviews over the Daily Blogged app, we have decided to roll it out to the public. If even one user benefits from it, it was worth the effort.

To install the app on your iDevice- launch Cydia, click Manage, Sources, edit, and then Add. Type “http://repo.dailyblogged.com” w/o quotes and allow Cydia to reload. Once it does, click on Search and type in “Daily” w/o quotes. You will have the option to install “Daily Blogged” or “Daily Blogged for iPad.” “Daily Blogged” is for iPhone and iPod Touch users, while “Daily Blogged for iPad” is exclusively for iPads. Once the app is installed, respring your device and you will now have the Daily Blogged app on your spring board. Enjoy!

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At Daily Blogged, we like to mess around with new technologies and just plain ‘ol cool stuff. Yesterday, my curiosity led me to install the iPhone SDK. I had always wanted to develop an app, and figured it would be cool if it was centered around Daily Blogged. Several hours, plenty of YouTube tutorials, and quite a few test builds later, I had developed a Daily Blogged/Intrepid Mac app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. The app, though fully functional, is far from completion.

I am looking for a few individuals with Jailbroken iDevices to test out the app for bugs and report new features they would like in the app. The app has been tested working on 3.1.2 and 4.0, so compatibility on 3.1.3 is highly likely, along with the rest of iOS3. If you would be interested in trying out the app, please leave a comment below including which iDevice you are using and the version of iOS it is running. I will then email you with the details to install the app. The app isn’t yet in a Repo for access from Cydia because it isn’t yet complete, so basic knowledge of SSH is required (I can walk you through the installation steps if necessary). Remember, only Jailbroken iDevices will be able to use the app, due to the way it is installed.

Thanks for the help on the matter, and I look forward to hearing from testers.

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