Introducing the official DailyBlogged app . . . sorta

October 31st, 2010

Mobile Gadgets

**The app is no longer under devlopment and has been replaced by a webapp**

In my never ending quest to provide users with quick, easy access to DailyBlogged, I wrote an iPhone app this summer. The app gave easy access to the mobile version of DailyBlogged. The issue with the app was that the mobile version could also be accessed from Mobile Safari, rendering the app useless. Plus, in order to install the app you had to be jailbroken, a noteworthy inconvenience. After much pondering, I decided to ditch the app and settle on a kickass mobile theme with web app support.

In�layman�terms, a web app is an application that can be accessed online (e.g.: a website running a mobile theme). The web app, when launched from the Home Screen (hit the Plus and then “Add to Home Screen” from your iPhone/iPod Touch), will not only automatically load DailyBlogged, but it’ll also remember the last guide/post/page you were on. It also features a really sexy icon and provides an ad-free experience.

Everyone should definitely give the web app a try and see how they like it. It may seem basic right now, but it has a lot of functionality you haven’t yet discovered.

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2 Responses to “Introducing the official DailyBlogged app . . . sorta”

  1. Richard Ward

    Is this going to be updated with the new logo?