Some design changes to the site [Updated]

July 19th, 2010

Personal Rants

Feeling courageous, I made a couple additional changes to those already listed below. One major changes is that all primary boxes now have rounded edges. Secondary boxes (those contained inside of a major box) are not affected by this change. This was done to give more of an Apple/widget feel, and I think it is effective. The second major change is the addition of 2 more ads, located below the first post on the homepage. The revenue I hope to generate from these new ads will help cover the cost of our new host, Dreamhost. The decision was made only after a poll about the current ads received very positive responses. A third, minor change is that the Author mini-bio, located after a post, is now contained inside of its own box. It was previously added on to the end of the post, but I feel it is more fitting to have it in its own box.

Over the past 10 days, there have been some major changes to DailyBlogged, and I would love to hear what you think about them. Please leave a comment below regarding what you think about the new changes, and I’ll be sure to listen to what you say. Also feel free to leave suggestions on new changes you would like to see.


Changes below are from the original post. A newer set of changes have been released, however the changes listed below are still in effect.

Wanting to do so for a while now, I played around with a bit of code and got the site’s theme to take up a wider part of the screen. No longer will you see huge borders on the sides of pages. Instead, the border is much more narrow, and thus the actual content has more space. I like the new look, and think the site benefits from the added space. Let me know what you think in the poll in the sidebar (also located below). There are two other notable changes that have been mode. The first is that the site once again uses nested comments, so you will see when someone replies to your comment; the second is that author comments are now highlighted. This makes it easier to locate comments made by the actual author of the post, and plus I think it looks cool :). I hope you enjoy the new changes as much as I do!

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8 Responses to “Some design changes to the site [Updated]”

  1. Richard Ward

    I absolutely LOVE the wood texture background! **AMAZING**

  2. Richard Ward

    This is what my comments now look like.

  3. Alex

    This is what my comments now look like.

  4. Thomas

    This is what my comments now look like.