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August 11th, 2010

Personal Rants

You may have noticed the new feedback button on the right side of the site. This button will take you to Daily Blogged’s User Voice page. User Voice is a service for websites that allows users to leave feedback about that site. The site admin can they directly respond to the feedback (as can other users). It’s a fantastic tool for finding out what the users think. Thus, we have decided to use this service so as to hear what you have to think.

The service is very easy to use and can be accessed by simply clicking on the Feedback button. We encourage users to post their opinions (both positive and negative), suggestions, feature requests, design requests, post requests, etc. We want to hear what’s on your mind! So feel free to check out the service and leave a comment for us; we will read every one. Also, remember that the service allows you to vote on other users’ feedback, so let each other know what you think. We hope you all enjoy the service and see it as another way to voice your opinions and help us improve. Thanks!


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