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Introducing the official DailyBlogged app . . . sorta

October 31st, 2010


**The app is no longer under devlopment and has been replaced by a webapp** In my never ending quest to provide users with quick, easy access to DailyBlogged, I wrote an iPhone app this summer. The app gave easy access to the mobile version of DailyBlogged. The issue with the app was that the mobile […]

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The Cydia apps I use on my iPod Touch

October 26th, 2010


In the style of our previous My Dock posts, I’d like to share the Cydia apps I currently use on my iPod Touch, along with a short description of each. I’d like to note that the majority of the apps below are free, though the paid apps have been legitimately purchased. Support the developers you […]

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Daily Blogged App Now Live!

August 11th, 2010


After receiving some mixed reviews over the Daily Blogged app, we have decided to roll it out to the public. If even one user benefits from it, it was worth the effort. To install the app on your iDevice- launch Cydia, click Manage, Sources, edit, and then Add. Type “http://repo.dailyblogged.com” w/o quotes and allow Cydia […]

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Update all your applications with AppFresh

April 7th, 2009


A common problem amongst both Windows and OS X users is that programs/applications are eventually updated but the user is left with the outdated software. Software updates bring about new features and security updates so missing out on them can be unpleasant. Windows users are left with many security holes regardless of whether their system […]

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