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6 Reasons Why Macs Are Better Than PCs

May 14th, 2009


Sure, there are thousands of articles out there on “Mac versus PC” but I’m going to take it in a different direction and look at the top six reasons why your next computer should be a Mac, and why those Mac owners are just so damn happy with their computer. This won’t be a technical, […]

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I’m A PC And… WTF?

September 19th, 2008


Microsoft’s newest rounds of ads directly target Apple’s highly succesful “Get A Mac” ads. He’s back. Yep, your old friend PC. But wait! Hey… that’s not the “real” PC! You guessed it. Microsoft has a PC look-alike sporting the latest rounds of the $300M budget Bill Gates Co. has shelled out to let people know […]

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Hate Vista? So Does Intel

June 26th, 2008

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With recent shipments of failure from the Microsoft camp, including a rather useless Service Pack 3 for aged XP and a “Reliability” Service Pack update for Vista SP1, their users have been speaking out for years since the release of Windows Vista in late 2006. And surprisingly (not), major companies are speaking out about just […]

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Death To My Hackintosh

April 5th, 2008


Well, it appears I’m going to be using Microsoft Vista for a little while. Yesterday, my Hackintosh started to freeze up every couple of hours. After further investigation I realized that my USB ports, among other things, were failing on the motherboard. Serves me right for going sub-bargain-basement. I’m going to give my Mac hacking […]

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