Beautifying Chameleon with two lines of code

June 19th, 2011

Apple / Mac

Chameleon is undoubtedly the favorite bootloader among hackintosh users and dual-booters alike. With native support for OS X, Windows, and Linux, an eye-catching selection screen, and support for advanced boot flags, Chameleon does it all. Version 2 saw vast aesthetic improvements over version 1, ditching the command line for a graphical user interface (GUI). One remaining flaw of Chameleon is its inability to auto-detect your monitor’s native resolution. This issue, though minor, is easily corrected. By adding the following two lines to your, you can specify the resolution Chameleon uses.

<key>Graphics Mode</key>


If you don’t know the depth, use 32. For example, if your monitor’s native resolution is 1280×800,  type:

<key>Graphics Mode</key>


Or 1920×1080:

<key>Graphics Mode</key>


Then, save and reboot. Now, Chameleon will display in the specified resolution. Your icons will also be sharper and possibly even a bit prettier! If you found this guide useful then feel free to make a donation. Any amount truly does help.

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