Never In My Entire Life Have I Seen Anything as Awkward as This Windows 7 Ad

October 10th, 2009

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Microsoft, in a not-so-well-thought-out move, has actually let this horrible, horrible, horrible advertisement for Windows 7 launch parties out of the torture chamber basement to see the light of day (not to mention the stares of disbelief and disgust of several thousand unwitting people). What do you get when you cram four people into a room, give them a script to read like mindless robots, and then have them pretend to like each other? This monstrosity:

[youtube id=”1cX4t5-YpHQ”]

Around the 5:42 mark (and I’m amazed I made it that far), the black guy asks, “Can you believe that Microsoft put the launch of Windows 7 in our hands?” I’ve got a better question: “Can you believe that Microsoft actually made this and then put it on the internet?” Sadly, I can, having experienced the utter strangeness of the Seinfeld ads (and MS has had even stranger ads before).

Common’ Microsoft, you guys were doing OK for awhile with the Laptop Hunter ads (not). Get it together!

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2 Responses to “Never In My Entire Life Have I Seen Anything as Awkward as This Windows 7 Ad”

  1. Tvguy11

    This is for real…right?? Good grief.

  2. Chris H

    i could only handle up to the 2:39 mark…. ughh