10.5.7 Download

May 12th, 2009

Apple / Mac

***Instructions for installing 10.5.7 are up and can be found here***

Just wanted to make a quick note and say that if you are going to be so kind and help out testing 10.5.7, go to the download page on apple.com instead of through Software Update. Software Update and Apple.com use different servers and right now the Software Update ones are overloaded with download going at about 70kb/s as opposed to the 10.5.7 update from apple.com going 2 mb/s (8 hours vs. 9 minutes). Also, backup backup backup!!!

***Instructions for installing 10.5.7 are up and can be found here***

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5 Responses to “10.5.7 Download”

  1. Raj

    I did this according to instructions posted but I have a blank screen and
    I don’t know whats going on.

  2. Thomas

    Glad to hear the problem resolved itself. Your computer gets a Kernel Panic every time it wakes from sleep. Did you get this issue in 10.5.6 because I believe you are using the VooDoo Kernel, right?

  3. Nick Stobie

    hey i installed 10.5.7 on my 10.5.6 iPC hackintosh. oh and thomas my computer starting charging again last night for some reason and i never even sent it in! WTF? but anyway everything seems to be working fine, just had o reinstall a few things. the only problem is every time i wake the computer up from sleep it says that i need to restart the computer in a bunch of different langueges. any easy fixes for this? oh and like Freeburma said the wifi light is never on.

  4. Freeburma

    Delta update went OK. It hung on the restart, but after a forced power off (waited around 5 minutes), a quick fsck in single user mode, all is OK. I had to re-do the power management package and the Audio stuff.

    This is an iPC 10.5.6 system…

    The one difference noticed right off is that the indicator light for the WiFi is now permanently off, before it was on but dim normally and fully on after a sleep.