Backing Up Your Data; The Where, Why, and How

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25 Responses to “Backing Up Your Data; The Where, Why, and How”

  1. redhawk

    I used CCC to clone the primary/main hard drive in a Mac pro desktop onto a spare drive. After the cloning finished, I booted my Mac from that spare drive and everything worked fine without doing anything else. Did the same thing on my Hackintosh computer, I just got a black blank screen when it boots from the cloned drive. Does anyone know as to why ?

    • Thomas

      When making hackintosh system backups, as indicated in the guide, you need to install a Bootloader such as Chameleon onto it in order to boot the backup.

  2. Thomas

    Ok glad to hear that’s working for you. If you have anything else that’s not working for you please let us know in the problems respective post ( if it doesn’t have one)

  3. Jacob

    Yeah it worked a treat.
    Stoked that I have a fully fully functional hackbook :D

  4. Thomas

    Instead of asking you about the panic, when it happens, booting with -f, and all that other crap, since its a backup drive I would suggest that you just re-clone your HDD onto the external drive again and see how it goes because its possible that something didn’t copy properly.

  5. Jacob

    Ok, so I got the xXx 10.5.6 fully functional all software up to date, everything working orgasmically, just 1 problem.
    I used ccc, installed chameleon to the external hd but when i try to boot from it i get a panic. The external hd is partitioned in 2 parts, one formated in fat so i can use it with windows machines still if i so need to, the other (where the clone is stored) in mac extended journalled.

    Any ideas?

  6. Thomas

    When doing a full system restore with Time Machine, you must overwrite all of the data. CCC takes much less time and allows you to work while its restoring because you are booted onto another copy from the OS. I can’t really speak for Time Machine too much as I have never used it on a hackintosh although I know for a fact it takes longer. It is still a viable option, just not the best one.

  7. steve0suprem0

    alright, i downloaded ccc. but now that i’m reading about time machine, it seems sufficient. what’s so inconvenient about doing a full system restore with it? like all things apple, it seems pretty straight forward.

  8. Thomas

    The reason I don’t like Time Machine (on hackintoshes) is that it is extremely inconvenient to so a full system restore. If you use either SuperDuper or Carbon Copy Cloner, all you have to do is boot from the recovery partition. Then you launch either SuperDuper or CCC and set it to restore onto the partition that is no longer working like it should. And all while you are running all your applications and browsing the Web like nothing ever happened. Plus, if only a couple of files are corrupt or causing the issue, only those files will be replaced, thus making the recovery process take less than 5 minutes. Don’t get me wrong, I think Time Machine is really useful. I even use it on my Mom’s real Mac. I just think that the other options are more convenient.

  9. steve0suprem0

    could you explain your distaste for time machine? i’m of the mind that if there’s a solution imbedded into the os, and it works, why bother putting a 3rd party program on there, even if it has pretty shiny features.

    case in point: i use internet explorer. in windows of course. i know it’s not the best, but it’s there and it works well enough that i really don’t see the point in the redundancy of firefox, despite its being a much better application.

  10. Thomas

    If you would like to make a complete system backup that will be bootable then the option that is for you is the External Hard Drive backup with one of the two listed programs.

  11. ffreese

    So what backup solution is for backing up a whole partition an restore from external drive?

  12. Thomas

    Haha well I sometimes have to restore up to a couple times a month so it would be unfeasible for me but if it works for you then by all means, do as you please.

  13. Thomas

    So Alex, you would rather reinstall the entire OS and drivers than just make a complete backup?

  14. Alex

    I use a 160GB external drive but I only back up important documents and such. I’ve done so many reinstalls of Linux/OSX that configuring a new system is just fun for me, and I learn something new every time.

  15. Thomas

    Osmac see the pic just posted :-) And no, the only online backup I use is because it is 100% free. No trial shit, its all free.

  16. Osmac

    Was wondering what your thought on TimeMachine are. The specs look incredible, but I have not seen it at work yet.

    Any experience with Carbonite which is supposed to be released for Mac recently.

  17. Richard

    Speaking of this article, I really need to back up. I use Carbon Copy Cloner and swear by it.


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