Near Perfect Audio With Latest AppleHDA

March 12th, 2009

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Volume Error

So there have been many updates to the audio since the 1525_codec and the AppleHDAPatcher that were included in the ever-so-popular drivers pack. Since then the Internal Microphone has been enabled as well as the External Microphone, switching to both the left and right headphone jacks for headphone use (just not both at the same time…yet), the sliders for the Internal Mic and External Mic which allows for less background noise when using the Microphone, and all while the Internal Speaker works beautifully. But of course you can’t get these updates with the previous codec dump so it is time for a long awaited update to the site.

To get the new audio kext working, you will need Kext Helper and AppleHDA.kext which can be found here. Just delete ALCinject.kext and AppleAzalia.kext beforehand and then load the new AppleHDA.kext with Kexhelper and restart. Upon restarting, you should find everything working great.

***In the rare case that this does not work for you,  try Richard’s instructions in the comments***

Audio Out

(Richard: Thanks! Now I can rock out with audio out and blow my speakers.)

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87 Responses to “Near Perfect Audio With Latest AppleHDA”

  1. Colby Weiss

    I am running OSX 10.5.2 from Kalaway on my Fujitsu P7230. Everything except the audio works, its anHDA SigmaTel STAC9228, built-in stereo speakers, two mics. I can not find a way to get it to work. I downloaded the AppleHDA.Kext and Kexthelper, but i don’t know where to find the files ALCinject.kext and AppleAzalia.kext in order to delete them, HELP!!! PLEASE!!!

  2. landez

    I’ve an intel iMac that can run 10.5.6 but without sound. The sound out is grayed out and the mute box checked. If I run the 10.5.8 combo update it fixes the sound but kernel panics occur at start up. After running your 10.5.8 update drivers, the kernel panics are gone but so again is the sound. Can you help? Thanks!

    • Thomas

      These drivers are for Hackbooks/Hackintoshes, not real Macs. Anyway, try upgrading to either 10.5.7 or Snow Leopard to solve your issue.

  3. Wintosh

    Hi: everyone, A little assistance is needed.

    I have Dell Inspiron 1525, and I have installed 10.5.6 through iPC than updated to 10.5.7 then to 10.5.8. After that I installed Snow Leopard on this machine, Updated 10.6 to 10.6.1 then to 10.6.2 then to 10.6.3 and now I am running 10.6.4. Everything is working only few problem are there. Audio is one of them.
    My audio is working through VoodooHDA, which has many limitations, I tried Apple HDA(as described here), but it Killed my Hackintosh. But through windows 7 and mac drive, i restored everything and no I am back.
    Any suggestion for that, how can I get AppleHDA working. ANd one more question, whether the Audio patchs for 10.5.6 or 7 will work here in snow leopard or not?

  4. aleq

    ok then – awaiting guide … :(

  5. aleq

    could you PLEASE email me the required files at least – until now i got t working from the media buttons – Line IN and Line OUT – but NOTHING in the system profiler :( … so I’m at about 80% – i have sount but no software control over it … i used AppleHDA found a on ISO installation – Snow 10.6.2 Universal

    • Thomas

      Until the guide is up, the included file will work just fine. The only change is the addition of support for Line-In and the audio continues to work after waking from sleep.

  6. aleq

    does THIS method work on SNOW LEO ?

    • Thomas

      No, this method is for Leopard only. I will be releasing a similar guide for Snow Leopard within the next week. I have found an improved kext and now just need to write the guide for it.

  7. Mhari-Claire

    when i try and change my sound on system preferences it won’t let me click on anything to change the sound. So should I do the requirement listed above or do you have a suitable solution for me? help

  8. abumarwa

    I have Dell optiplex 755 with the following specs, Audio device [0403]: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller [8086:293e] (rev 02)Audio device [0403]: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller [8086:293e] (rev 02)
    – removed the existing kexts
    – added the applhda one to the library
    – no device found as usual
    any clue

    • Thomas

      Sorry guys, I’ve been super busy lately. To anyone who still needs assistance: please repost your question (a simply copy and paste will suffice) and I will answer.

  9. nestawasright

    Do you know if this, your original post files, will work on an iDeneb 10.5.8 install? It’s am IBM R60 with an AC’ 97 sound card. How can I track responses on your blog?

  10. ale

    Comment translated from Russian:

    Dell 1525 sound to work!
    1. Removed one kekst AppleAzalia.kext (ALCinject.kext not found)
    2. put the downloaded Fail AppleHDA.kext from this site using Kext Helper
    3. rebooted.
    4. Jumped for joy:)

    Thank HUGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Original Comment:
    Dell 1525 звук заработал!!!
    1. Удалил один кекст AppleAzalia.kext (ALCinject.kext не нашел)
    2. поставил скаченный фаил AppleHDA.kext с этого сайта с помощью Kext Helper
    3. перезагрузился.
    4. Прыгал от счастья :)

    Спасибо ОГРОМНОЕ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Gasher

    Hey Thomas,
    Any chance you could give me some hints on how to get the following audio card working?

    00:1b.0 Audio device [0403]: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller [8086:293e] (rev 03)

    I have tried virtually every kext i can think of and have several active threads over on InsanelyMac forum on this issue. It seems like it should be trivial to get it working but for some reason it is not.

    My current guesse is that I am missing the Any idea where I can find this?

    Additional info is here:

    Last post in that thread.

    Best regards,

  12. dlvndr

    i tried to find these 2 files but i didnt find them firstly my sound is working well but when i istall the hot keys then it went to mute ..any help?

    • Thomas

      To which two files are you referring? And if by hot keys you mean media keys then it should not effect audio playback as they are controlled by two totally different kexts.

  13. Nick

    Yes, i have a sigmatel 9205, but for some reason nothings working. i followed all the instructions i could find step by step carefully. Nothing.

  14. Nick

    Hey, i just tried richards method and STILL nothing. i’ve been at this for days. i’m using iatkos v7 and a Dell Inspiron 1521. ive tried so many different kext files and guides i’ve lost track. Nothing will work for me.
    please help
    thank you in advance.

    • Thomas

      This guide was for the Inspiron 1525 with the Sigmatel 9205 Codec. If your Inspiron 1521 does not use Sigmatel 9205 then this fix will not work.

  15. kade

    hello . i have update to 10.5.8 from 10.5.6 after update haven’t get the sound to work how do i fix it ,anybody?

  16. wa77ior

    i think it uses soundmax hd audio. (hp 550)

    • Thomas

      That doesn’t sound like it would be compatible. I would check the insanelymac forums as they will probably have what you need.

  17. wa77ior

    would this work on a hp550 too?

  18. aciofu

    AppleHDA_patcher not working: I drag the .txt file, but nothing happens

    • Thomas

      You don’t drag the text file, you drag the .codec file.
      Edit: I’m an idiot. You’re right for dragging the 1525_codec.txt file. Just make sure to drop it in the AppleHDA Patcher window.

  19. machak

    Yeah, its an ALC888 or Realtek Audio driver, I’m not really sure which one. Hope this helps, Thanks.

  20. machak

    Hey, anyone know how to get the sound working on a gigabyte board. Tried the stuff posted by Richard and it seems that its meant for a Dell and no luck with the original Kext Helper and AppleHDA.kext steps. Thanks

    • Thomas

      You are probably facing issues because you do not have Sigmatel 2905 audio. If you can find out the audio that your Motherboard uses then I can find the proper codec for you.

  21. Thomas

    Ok I want you to navigate to /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ and drag to your desktop. Open it with textedit and then find where it says “Kernel Flags”. Then on the line directly below it change it so that it reads “-f ForceWake=y” w/o quotes (-f and ForceWake=y are separated by a single space. Then reboot and upon logging in try to put the computer to sleep.

  22. Osmac

    I have the same Sigmatel 9205 according to the BIOS.

    I am pretty sure it does not directly relate to the Audio, it just surfaces because of the audio kext. As you may recall, I also am not able to get sleep/hibernation to work.
    For some reason sometimes a /vat/vm/sleepimage is created even though I had defined the location at /dev/null (which got changed back to /var/vm/sleepimage…).
    I have no data on the circumstances it got created.

  23. Thomas

    Hmmm. This is very strange. It could be some strange situation where you have different audio hardware. Boot into the BIOS (I assume you know how to do this) and then go to the System Info section. It should say something about audio. Does it say Sigmatel 9205 or something different?

  24. Osmac

    Been out a few days

    Tried your suggestion but this yields the same result…..

  25. Thomas

    Open up the terminal and type “sudo shutdown -h now” without the quotes. Then type your password and your computer should start to shutdown. Let me know if you receive any kernel panic when doing this and if so is it the same error as before?

  26. Osmac

    I have seatbelt and AppleDecrypt and I do not have ApplaAzalia or ACLinject.
    I installed AppleHDA and HDAEnabler with kexkthelper, repaired permissions and rebooted.

    thanks all for your contibutive thinking

  27. Genaro Bonilla

    Another thing you should check if ALCinject.kext is deleted.

  28. Thomas

    If he didn’t have seatbelt.kext installed then he wouldn’t be able to mount DMG’s and would get a kernel panic every time he tried so thats not likely. Also, AppleAzalia.kext screws up the AppleHDA.kext so i also doubt its that.

  29. Genaro Bonilla

    osmac do you have appleazalia.kext installed?

    In addition to this do you have seatbelt.kext and AppleDecrypt.kext installed? This is a wild guess but perhaps you could get shutdown working with those.

  30. Thomas

    How exactly are you installing the appleHDA.kext?

  31. Osmac

    Reinstalled 10.5.6 (XxX). Initially shutdown worked okay, but after installing appleHDA.kext not anymore… Not specifically this new appleHDA, but also my “old” appleHDA.

  32. Jacob

    @Osmac is one place you can upload pictures.

  33. Osmac

    Do not know how to upload a picture, but have send it to you though email.

  34. Thomas

    Still there? Would it be possible for you to induce the Panic and then take a picture of it? And sorry about not having a speedy response this time but Call of Duty was calling my name.

  35. Osmac

    By the way, I greatly appreciate your quick responses!

  36. Osmac

    Reinstalled your appleHDA.kext, repaired permissions and rebooted.
    Ausio works fine, Shutdown problem still exists…

  37. Thomas

    Ok so that means that it was appleHDA.kext causing the issue (it may seem obvious but I just had to be sure). Now go to the top of this post to download the applehda.kext and reinstall it, repair permission, and restart and your audio should be working again. You also shouldn’t have any issues with shutdown.

  38. Osmac

    Deleting appleHDA.kext, repairing permissions and restarting resolves the issue, but leaves me without audio…

  39. Thomas

    It appears that appleHDAcontroller is supposed to be in the plugins folder in the contents of AppleHDA.kext so thats alright. It could just be that your appleHDA.kext got screwed up somehow when installing it. I think you should reinstall it, repair permissions, restart, and then see how it works for you. If this doesn’t work then it could be a power management problem, although I doubt it.

  40. Osmac

    Thomas, yes I installed this audio fix. I have looked for the appleHDAcontroller.kext, but did not find it in System/Library/Extenstions but rather in the contents of appleHDA.kext (plugins section)

  41. Thomas

    Osmac- My first guess would be that there is some conflict with you audio drivers. I have two questions for you to answer. First, did you install the audio fix found at and second, do you currently have an appleHDAcontroller.kext in your /System/Library/Extensions/ folder?

  42. Osmac

    Thomas, when shutting down (not restarting) I get a kernel panic “A driver releasing a(n) AppleHDAController has corrupted the registry …”

    Any thoughts on how to resolve this?

  43. Alejandro

    Thank you very much. I´m on a 1525 with XxX 10.5.4
    and this works fine.
    Thanks again.

  44. Genaro Bonilla

    It does the exact same thing as the one I created so either method works.

  45. Richard

    This is good stuff. Take my word for it: Use this kext!

  46. Wolfer


    Is this dump a greater version, better, or more functional than that last Kext you dumped on InsanelyMac in Dec. or Jan., Genaro? I haven’t tested the switching or plugged mic yet so I’ll be lazy and just ask you two before I download the above and go to work on the audio again.


    — Dave

  47. Genaro Bonilla

    Well the camera actually has two microphones and in vista it is compiled as a microphone array which you can use but I’ve never been able to get it to work so I just settled with what works.

  48. Thomas

    For those of you that don’t know- whether you have a webcam or not, you still have an internal mic. Every model of the Inspiron 1525 has an internal mic. If you got a webcam with your laptop then the only thing added was the camera.

  49. Richard

    All this time I’ve owned the 1525 I didn’t realize there was an internal mic until. And it works.

  50. Thomas

    Yes, both the internal and external mics work with this fix

  51. rahul

    I’ve tried speech recognition with the internal mic. Works pretty well :) Yet to try plugging in an external one.

  52. Genaro Bonilla

    Does the internal and external mic work with this fix?

  53. Richard

    I love having working mute. Now I don’t have to exit out of iTunes when I get a phone call and I’m rocking out to some old Stroke 9 jams.

  54. Alex

    Richard’s instructions worked for me. Both outputs work, mute works, but I haven’t tested the mic yet.

  55. Richard

    I had both files — deleted them as instructed and when I booted after installing the new kext, sound does not function at all.

  56. Alex

    It didn’t work for me when I tried it. Like rahul, I couldn’t find “AppleAlalia.kext”. I deleted the other one, installed the new kext, and then rebooted. My sound didn’t work when it booted.

    I reapplied the old kext. I might try it again later.

  57. Richard


    After poking around a bit, I’ve come up with a solution that works for me (XxX 10.5.6). Feel free to give this one a try if the above has failed. I haven’t tested this with a mic, but it fixes my mute problem — mute now knocks the sound dead and this might make other things work, too.

    First, download my files here

    Unzip the files to your desktop. Now open up Terminal and let’s delete some files. Type “sudo su -” to log in as the root user. Type your user password to get in.

    Now in Terminal type: “cd /System/Library/Extensions/” and that’ll bring you to your Extensions folder. Be sure to make a backup of your extensions before doing this (or you can restore from my original Dell 1525 files). Now type the following (without the quotes, of course):

    “rm -fr ALCinject.kext”
    “rm -fr AppleAzalia.kext”
    “rm -fr AppleHDA.kext”

    Congratulations, you’ve just broken sound. Now let’s get it working again. With those files clear, let’s drag the codec file into the HDA Patcher icon and it’ll open up and patch AppleHDA.kext. Now install the newly patched AppleHDA.kext with Kext Helper b7. Be sure to tag cache rebuild. Now repair your permissions with Disk Utility and reboot. Ta da :)

  58. Richard

    I’m going to try this now. Thomas had said it’d fix my issues with Mute not completely muting the sound. We’ll see what happens…

  59. rahul

    Thanks Thomas.

    I just replaced only AppleHDA.kext with the one you provided. Its working now :)

  60. rahul

    Hey richard, tried this. I couldn’t find AppleAzalia.kext. But i fould ALCinject. I deleted ALCinject and tried. No luck. Now am back with the old AppleHDA kext..


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