Insten Sync Cradle For Treo’s

February 15th, 2008

Mobile Gadgets

I didn’t expect this item to work because everywhere I found it online listed it as only for the Treo 650. Eforcity had it priced just right and claimed it supported a handful of Treo’s including my 700p, so for $9.99 I took the small risk and purchased this aftermarket cradle.

Insten Sync Cradle


To my surprise, it works pretty damn well. My Hackintosh (Celeron 340D Mac Pro) picked it up right away running the latest Mac OS X Leopard. The plastic the cradle is built with is very cheap and feels even more cheap but it holds together.

It’s a lot more stable than I thought which is a plus. The phone doesn’t easily “tip” or fall while on the Insten cradle and I’ve tested it under Windows XP/Vista, Mac OS X, and Ubuntu Linux… works like a charm. Considering how much OEM cradles from Palm go for on eBay, I’m glad I made this purchase.

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