Cheap Smartphone Case (Leather!)

February 9th, 2008

Mobile Gadgets

I was very skeptical about buying a third-party phone case online for the simple fact that a lot of these cheap knockoffs aren’t exactly 100% as advertised. I had been using a funky digital camera holster for my PocketPC (that’s how mammoth it was). and the slimmer Treo wasn’t exactly a tight fit. After a couple spills onto soft grass, I decided to bite the bullet.

Google Checkout

The amount of items returned on a Google Product search is amazing. I knew the price range I was looking at was going to return a ton of stores with the exact same no-name items so I went digging. I ended up finding a store called EZ Chargers that sold phone supplies and supported, you guessed it, Google Checkout. It was the cheapest price of them all for the same leather case and it was on sale for $6.99 + S/H.

100% Brand Name

My case took a 4-day trip via USPS from West Texas to Southeast Georgia. To my amazement, not only did it come in a very nice packaging and include both a “normal” belt clip and a swivel clip (interchangeable!), but it was BRAND NAME! This was a brand new Cellet leather case. Cellet has had their name all over “mobile” for a while now, offering things from memory cards to batteries and so on.

And here it is in living color! If you look close you can see the dock of my Hackintosh on the monitor. Google saves the day again!

Phone Case for Palm Treo

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