Block Any Caller From Your Cell Phone

October 1st, 2008


There you are rushing around juggling meetings and confrence calls and all of sudden a number pops up that’s not in your Address Book. Maybe it’s the Boss calling from his new iPhone. Who knows! All you know is that you picked it up without thinking and now you’re un a heated conversation with a bill collector or your ex-girlfriend. Whoa! Wouldn’t you like to silence or block these annoying calls?

I spent $20 on a program called Black & Whitelist for my BlackBerry to block numbers I don’t want to talk to but on some phones, especially “regular” phones, this isn’t an option. Sometimes you can call your wireless provider and have them block the number but most of the time they aren’t going to waste their time with doing this often. I noticed a lot of phones have the ability to hide Address Book entries and then I had a stroke of genius — The Silent Ringtone.

Simply add the numbers you don’t want to hear from in your Address Book and assign them this unique, completely silent ringer and say goodbye to interruptions. If your phone supports advanced profiles, you can turn off vibrate and notifications as well. This is probably the easiest (and cheapest) way to keep some callers at bay. I’m including this silent ringtone in both MP3 and WAV format.

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