BlackBerry Curve (8330) Brings Sexy Back

September 25th, 2008

Mobile Gadgets, Personal Rants

Just ignore all the shit I talked previously about my BlackBerry [Pearl]. This is the one! Big, bad, and oh-so sexy. The BlackBerry Curve 8330 features high speed EvDO data, fully unlocked GPS with Google Maps and BB Maps, camera, video, full keyboard, huge screen, and the best part: Over 10 days of standby and 4-5 straight hours of talk time before your call drops. For a CDMA phone, this one is king.

I’m such a phone head.

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One Response to “BlackBerry Curve (8330) Brings Sexy Back”

  1. Julio Angel Ortiz

    It’s a nice phone and email device (full disclosure: I’m the BlackBerry Administrator for my company), but it seriously lacks on the multimedia side. The features that are there feel tacked on as opposed to an organic experience (like Windows Mobile). But it *is* a nice phone. :)