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Powerful People That Use A Mac

November 10th, 2008


There are a bunch of websites all over the Internet that show Hollywood stars and studios that are powered by Apple’s computers, but what about the real powerful people? No, I’m not talking about Harrison Ford. I’m talking about “Gazillionaires,” Presidents, and Kings. The real movers and shakers. I’ve come up with a list of […]

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Why Is Internet Explorer Still Popular?

November 7th, 2008

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The Internet has progressed a lot in the past 10 years. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the #1 web browser which Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still holds strong after all these years. Granted the “IE Bus” has lost its way, it’s still on the right track even with slipping ground. Back in the end […]

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Working Ethernet (Wired) For All HackBooks

November 6th, 2008


At the office I expierence a lot of wireless frustration. Mainly due to the fact that we’re running on less than ideal home equipment ($29 Netgear Router), but moreso the layout of the building and massive amount of other wireless signals in the area. I probably “lag” or disconnect from our wireless hotspot at least […]

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Pulled Over Twice In A Row

November 2nd, 2008


Earlier today my Wife and I were driving around looking for something to eat for dinner when we were pulled over. The female officer explained that she pulled us over for a bad taillight. She ran my name, checked insurance, etc., and sent us on our way after explaining just how much a “Fix It” […]

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