Top Most Pirated Movies Online

March 16th, 2009



It seems even movie pirates are vampire romance geeks with no life as Twilight, the movie based on the popular book series, is still going strong as the #1 most pirated movie online based on the top BitTorrent trackers and number of people downloading/sharing the film. Who said teenage girls don’t date vampires with bad hair cuts? While I’ve never watched Twilight, the Southpark parody of it is as far as I can go into the romantic adventures of Bella.

Top most pirated movies online as of March 16th, 2009 (in order):

  • Twilight
  • Quantum of Solace
  • Bolt
  • Punisher War Zone
  • Role Models
  • Australia
  • Far Cry
  • Transporter 3
  • Valkyrie
  • The Day the Earth Stood Still

It looks like the MPAA has its work cut out for them. Let the record show that pirates can also be lame vampire geeks. Or maybe they’re downloading it for their girlfriends….. nah.

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3 Responses to “Top Most Pirated Movies Online”

  1. Alex

    I can’t stand Twilight.

  2. Richard

    Transporter 3 rocked. Jason Statham is my hero. Not really, but if he stopped at my house and had a bunch of money on him, I’d let him stay the night.

  3. Thomas

    I know a guy who pirates movies (definitely not me) and HE has seen most of these movies and HE thinks that pretty much all of them sucked although I, I mean HE, did enjoy Transporter 3 :-)