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My Dock (Part Two)

June 6th, 2010


My dock is a little more crowded than I would like, but then again, I launch the majority of my apps through Spotlight anyway (a quick Ctrl+Space to bring it up). It sits at the bottom of the screen with Hiding turned on so as not to take up any valuable screen real estate. It […]

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Security Update 2009-001 and Safari 4

February 25th, 2009


Yes, yes, and yes. It works! Without a hitch I might add on my new “XxX” install. Please note I’m using the vanilla kernel and Chelmeanion. Your milage may vary on other installs or configurations but I’m getting reports of flawless upgrades across the board in the Hackintosh community. This one is safe! Now you […]

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The Mini Gamers

January 9th, 2008


So, you just got one of those inexpensive Mac computers for your birthday or Christmas and want to play all the latest and greatest game titles out like Madden NFL, World of Warcraft and The Sims. But then you learn about something called “GMA 950.” on your Mac Mini. What’s that? Must be some cool […]

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Web Browser Smackdown!

January 7th, 2008


With the rising popularity of “sucks” and “is gay” being used excessively on the Internet to describe a person’s basis against something, I’ve decided to dust off the decade old browser war and give you the opinion of all sides of the battlefield from a seasoned web addict. Let’s examine the facts: I’ve used the […]

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