Security Update 2009-001 and Safari 4

February 25th, 2009

Apple / Mac

Yes, yes, and yes. It works! Without a hitch I might add on my new “XxX” install. Please note I’m using the vanilla kernel and Chelmeanion. Your milage may vary on other installs or configurations but I’m getting reports of flawless upgrades across the board in the Hackintosh community. This one is safe!

Security Update 2009-001

Now you can enjoy Safari 4 and I must admit it looks really sexy. There are also some SECURITY UPDATES on this pack but hey, who cares about that? Feel free to leave your comments on how smooth it went for you, and your system’s configuration or Leopard setup (Eg: Kalyway 10.5.5).


After using Safari 4 Beta for about 15-20 minutes, I may be uinstalling Firefox — it’s that good.

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21 Responses to “Security Update 2009-001 and Safari 4”

  1. Cristian

    Forget abt my request. I installed iPC 10.5.6 following gbonilla tutorial and to my surprise I was able to go on with post-installation. Maybe it is good to run XxX but I couldn’t manage to install it.
    Anyway, thanks for all input made to our benefit.

  2. Cristian

    Just a little bit and I kill myself… :) . I tried another installation of XxX 10.5.6 final, erased previous installation, went on with a fresh new one and after completing first step and XxX required restart I booted with -v -f as you said for going to post-instalation. Hoewever, my 1525 stuck after 10 min or so and no processor activity at all. Waited for another 30 min to see if something was to happen finally realised everything is dead. Tried to reboot booting again with -v -f and a lot of scrolling texts came in, each line showing ” loading …. failed” .
    Therefore, would I ask you too much to post a short tutorial for this installation or give me some clues. And by the way, you said you are using vanilla kernel, i didn’t see that kernel in customize options before installation.
    I would much appreciated any little help from you.
    Thanks a lot!

  3. Richard

    When you boot in verbose mode (-v) you can see what’s going on behind the scenes as your machine boots and can get error information if your system doesn’t boot into Aqua (GUI) and go from there. I always boot “-v -f” and I have since the very first Intel dev release of Tiger was leaked from Apple.

  4. Cristian

    @Thomas Piccirello
    Richard has installed and is currently running XxX which it seems to create me a major problem when I tried to instal it (I am also currently using kalyway where no -v -f is required). He did reply to me regarding a possible cause of my failure to instal XxX 10.5.6 final (very likely to be this command to have post installation whitout any further problems/stuck). I haven’t tried another installation yet for applying Richard suggestion ” -v -f” , I will report here succes/failure once I decide to make another try.

  5. Richard

    Thomas Piccirello
    Richard, why do you recommend booting with -v -f everytime. I never once did that because I just boot normally and everything goes just fine for me, although I am not using XxX

    So you can see what’s going on (-v) in case something doesn’t start up or fails during the booting process and to ensure all kexts are loaded (-f). The Air Port scripts in previous releases needed you to boot with -f for it to load properly on boot. I keep them now as a general rule of thumb, though certain releases (XxX?) may have improved things.

  6. Thomas Piccirello

    Richard, why do you recommend booting with -v -f everytime. I never once did that because I just boot normally and everything goes just fine for me, although I am not using XxX

  7. Cristian

    Installed those 3 updated safely r. However, it looks like another 2 updates released by Apple for iphoto and ilife 09. I installed them also. Since then every time when repair permisions, I can see there is something wrong with this updates – never finally repaired permissions for this updates although it seems the related programs to work fine.
    Any suggestions? Thanks

  8. storm

    how do you add -v -f to the default boot loader?

  9. FRauANtje

    Another tree update successfully installed…
    Again one after the other (each one seperately)
    Have ready your Broadcom-script to reenable wlan after airport-update.

    Have fun,


  10. Richard

    Richard and the others; can u please install the SD card fix in order to make a tutorial for us? there is an iosdhc kext somewhere and some people claim that it works on the 1525 i tried it but it dont work for me…thks

    I’ve heard about the hit and miss stories with the card reader working but haven’t gotten to trying it myself yet. Sorry.

  11. Richard

    Boot with “-v -f” every time just like in past installations. Add it to your boot loader so it does this automatically.

  12. Cristian

    So, Richard,
    Correct me if I am wrong: what I have understood so far is that after having installed XxX 10.2.6, on the very first boot I have to use option -v -f so that the post-instalation to work and to complete installation of XxX.

  13. stormcracker

    Richard and the others; can u please install the SD card fix in order to make a tutorial for us? there is an iosdhc kext somewhere and some people claim that it works on the 1525 i tried it but it dont work for me…thks

  14. Richard

    @Cristian – I had to install the Clamshell Display, it’s an option during installation when you select your kernels, software, etc. via the customization button. I actually had to re-install because I couldn’t get XxX to sleep. I waited forever and ended up finding the Clamshell option which I had installed separately in previous releases that closes the lid and automatically puts the computer to sleep. Also make sure you’re booting with “-v -f” and don’t forget to add it to your boot options so you don’t have to type it in every time you boot/reboot.

    It’s best to not leave your laptop humming 24/7, so I love being able to close the kid and have it snooze. I have a large dog and two cats and the last thing I want is to collect pet hair inside my laptop by keeping my HackBook running in the living room all the time.

  15. Cristian

    Sorry to bother you again but really need your help. Could you please tell me how you succeeded to instal XXX 10.5.6 because I failed to install it trying 3 times. After having installed the XxX, on the very first boot my 1525 refused to go further to the post installation. No message, no nothing just stays on a grey screen… You know, on kalyway installation, we used to close the lid and get back in 15 min when after opening it, we got to the post installer and everything was fine. Now, with this XxX I have never got to that step. What have I done wrong with installation?
    Thanks man!

  16. Thomas Piccirello

    Oh, and I forgot to mention that I am on Kalyway 10.5.6 with 3gb RAM ( soon to be 4gb as soon as my upgrade arrives in the mail… woohoo) and 1.7ghz dual-core processor.

  17. Thomas Piccirello

    Safari 4 is ridiculous and is currently the fastest browser ever (proven by benchmark tests by Cnet). As much as I love it, I still will always use Firefox as my main browser because of its customizations and pretty much solely because of my absolute most favorite addon, adblock plus which blocks all ads that you usually see on webpages. And just a quick note on Little Snitch, I have been using for a couple of months now too and I can definitely vouch for it working great and being a very important part of my setup.

  18. rahul

    Downloaded both and everything is still holding together :)

    Safari 4 is ok-ish, it still doesn’t make me wanna leave Safari.

    p.s – Am running XxX

  19. Alex

    Hey Cristian,

    If you want a menu bar CPU/RAM/Wireless/Anything monitor, I highly recommend iStat Menus:

    I’m using it on my Hackintosh right now and I love it.

  20. Richard

    That’s Little Snitch. It’s a wonderful program that acts as a reverse firewall, monitoring your outgoing connections. So the next time Adobe wants to sneak some information across aside from production registration: DENIED. Or say you accidentally get a virus — no payload here.

    I highly recommend it and wish there was anything close to it in functionality and simplicity for our fellow Windows users.


  21. Cristian

    I wanted many time to ask one simpe question :) Will you please tell me what software you have installed showing that icon on the left of your wireless one at the top bar. (those 2 vertical lines)
    Do you use a software showing processsor activity? if yes can you name it?