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May 16th, 2008

Mobile Gadgets

I’ve been playing with my new phone for about a week now, the HTC PPC-6800. I’m in love. It’s smaller than the 6700 I had, jet black and spring-loaded with enough power to do things such as 802.11b/g wireless, stream every kind of media imaginable, and even act as an FTP or torrent server. Now that’s hot. My eBay purchase wasn’t so hot, however. The phone won’t vibrate and I’m still not 100% sure it’s fixable without doing an insurance claim and forking over another $95 in addition to the almost $300 I paid for the phone used. There is also a very slight LCD burn which is inherent to the phone’s super heat generated by long days of excessive Wi-Fi usage. Yes, this baby gets smokin’ hot.

My PocketPC

The LCD burn is barely noticeable, even by me, but the vibrate feature is something I wish I had — even if it kills the battery life and rattles the battery cover like there’s no tomorrow. And to top it all off, I’m still missing the sync cradle which was supposed to be included with my eBay purchase but the mondo eBay store shipper simply forgot to include. Oh, and I paid for rush UPS 2nd Day Air shipping and they sent it UPS Ground. Granted it arrived in 3 days instead of 2, I’m still out 2X the shipping cost without a refund. Looks like it’s time to do a PayPal reversal and play hard ball.

My PocketPC

It’s too bad, too. I’ve used this eBay seller in the past last year and received such an amazing “like new” BlackBerry that I deliberately went back to this person/company (BatteryMania) for a phone I just had to have in pristine condition. And what a load of shit he shipped me. Now, I’d just be happy with the damn $10 generic sync cradle they forgot to include. Even if I throw in another $95 and use my insurance claim to get a phone in better condition, I’d still be paying less total for the whole nine yards than I would’ve if I renewed my contract for another 2 years and bought this PocketPC from Alltel.com.

My PocketPC

So, I’ve marked another eBay seller off my list, and I’m still fighting with BatteryMania to get my god damn $10 sync cradle. Shipping costs refunded? As soon as I hit the PayPal dispute button and vent my anger to the automated Gods, we’ll see what happens with that. All in all I’m still happy with the purchase. I’m easy to please when it comes to new toys and I’ll slowly save away piece by piece for my insurance claim hundo.

My PocketPC

TomTom, go home.

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