Mac Startup Sound On Your Hackintosh

March 13th, 2009

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startup chimesFor those of you who have a real Mac, you’re probably familiar with the “Sosumi” sound; that cheery “BONG!” that greets you when you boot OS X. Unfortunately, for those of us intrepid hackers who use OSX86, the sound is unavailable. Apple has baked the sound into their EFI firmware, which as of yet doesn’t work on non-Apple hardware (though there is a project to make it happen).

However, there is a way to play the sound when you log in to your Hackintosh. To achieve this, you’ll need something that allows you to play an audio file on log in. Luckily, Kiwi Fruitware has developed such a thing as a prefpane, which you can download from here. Installing it is easy: simply double click on this icon and enter your password:


Now you’ll need the audio file for the startup sound, which can be downloaded here. Open System Preferences, navigate to SystemSound, go to the “Startup Sound” tab, and drag ‘n’ drop the file in:


Be sure to go back to the “Preferences” tab and check “Enable SystemSound Extension” and “Use startup sound”. And that’s it, you should hear that lovely “BONG!” every time you log in.

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8 Responses to “Mac Startup Sound On Your Hackintosh”

  1. Judah

    I have written a tutorial on how to hardwire an Apple chime into your hack – it can be found here:


  2. Dani

    This is the greatest improvement…It does not have to be when booting..login sound is much cooler..thanks man

  3. Mars478

    I’d like to say that this is not when you turn on the machine! It’s when you are booted and are putting in your password at the login window after everything has booted. Hackintoshes will never ever have boot chimes.*

    *Unless of course someone releases a hacked bios with the sound injected into it and instead of the miniscule beep some of the PC’s make it will make a Bond sound…

  4. Hawered

    Do you know what that project is called that is working on the apple EFI?

  5. Alex

    This is also really useful if you have to blindly log in; you know you didn’t enter your password wrong when you here the “BONG!”

  6. Richard

    This is probably one of the most overlooked items on polishing your HackBook or Hackintosh off and it’s a great addition. I can tell you I’ve never heard anyone until now that had the boot sound working since it comes from the Apple EFI.


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