iPhone OS 3.0: New Apps

During Apple’s presentation of the new iPhone OS, they had several developers come up and demonstrate some apps they made using the new APIs and features (which you can read about here).

Meebo: They’ve avoided making an iPhone app because they felt it needed push notification. Meebo will connect to various social networks and do basically everything the webapp does.

EA: Showed off the Sims 3. The Sims will let you buy things from the app store from within the app for $0.99 each.

Oracle: The Oracle app goes out and pulls data from their backend CRM (Customer Relationship Management) server, which you can use to contact your account rep via email, phone or SMS. Boring, I know.

ESPN: They’re moving their webapp to a native one. The app will alert you with sounds. It also streams video, and scales the quality based on your connection.

LifeScan, a johnson&johnson company: Their app is for diabetes management. They used a little girl as an example. She pricks herself six times a day and injects insulin as well. Her meter sends the readings to her iPhone over bluetooth or 30-pin connector. She can send a message to her parents with her readings so they know she’s ok. She can also track what kind of food she’s eating and how much of it, the app can then calculate how much insulin she needs.

Ngmoco:): They’re demoing two new games, Touch Pets, a social pet simulator, and LiveFire, a multiplayer first person shooter. Touch Pets uses push notifications for things such as a play-date with another dog. You can buy clothes, toys and other crap for your dog as well. In LiveFire, you hold down anywhere on the left side of the screen and shoot by tapping on the right side. You can buy new weapons in-app, and send requests to play with your friends via notifications.

Smule: Leaf Trombone (World Stage) is their new app. Similar to their other app, Ocarina, you can play music by blowing into the phone’s microphone. There are sliders for pitch and such.

That’s all. You can look forward to seeing these apps this summer with the release of 3.0.

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