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iPhone OS 3.0 Jailbroken, Apple Cracks Down

April 2nd, 2009


A day after Apple released the second beta of iPhone OS 3.0, the Dev Team announced that they had jailbroken it. They had already broken 3.0 on March 19th, but they waited to announce it because of “resource-related” issues. Along with the announcement came the usual list of caveats. They’ve updated QuickPwn to support the […]

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iPhone OS 3.0: New Apps

March 17th, 2009


During Apple’s presentation of the new iPhone OS, they had several developers come up and demonstrate some apps they made using the new APIs and features (which you can read about here). Meebo: They’ve avoided making an iPhone app because they felt it needed push notification. Meebo will connect to various social networks and do […]

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Boxee Remote for iPhone/iPod Touch

March 16th, 2009


The good people behind Boxee, the free, cross-platform media center, have developed an app for controlling their popular application. However, it had previously only been available to jailbroken devices because Apple was taking forever to approve it. Well, the wait is over. Apple released it to the masses yesterday. I downloaded the Mac version of […]

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