Windows 7’s Login Background to be Customizable

March 16th, 2009

MS / Windows

The recently leaked build of Windows 7, build 7057, has a new (and rather ugly) login background. But don’t start your Windows bashing yet, because, as Windows hacker, Rafael Rivera explains, the background is customizable without third party hacks. Yes, Microsoft, vowing to actually listen to it’s users this time, has delivered on their promise of “more customizable”:


For those of you stuck in the Windows universe, you can use third party software like LogonStudio to get the same customization.

[via Within Windows]

Update: There’s now a small utility that’ll change Windows 7’s login background easily. You can get it here.

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3 Responses to “Windows 7’s Login Background to be Customizable”

  1. Richard

    That’s right.

    There has been a “MS / Windows” section on here from the very start, though I often find myself not writing about Windows unless my Mac (Inspiron) is on the fritz. Microsoft is going to need a miracle if Windows 7 is to bring the shaky Vista crowd away from taking out a 2nd mortgage and buying an iMac.

    Even with the economy as bad as it is, you’re not going to spend money on something that doesn’t work as expected and while Vista runs great for some people, you need a lot higher end computer. Sure you can disable a ton of services and “clean” it up, but the average computer user who is about to buy Vista doesn’t know about that stuff.

  2. Alex

    I was referring to all Windows users. I’ll edit it to make that more clear.

    And as Richard said in the About page, “This blog is dedicated to technology, and not just about Apple or Mac.”

  3. Thomas

    Alex, don’t assume that most of us are using Winblows XP or Vista. I would like to remind you that this site IS primarily about adding OS X to your PC.