Using your Windows Lojack Anti-Theft Subscription in OS X

Lojack os xIf you were like me when you purchased your native Windows Laptop, you may have opted for many things such as a longer warranty and what not. One of the options that was available, which I sprung for, was 3 years of Lojack for Laptop Protection. At the time, I didn’t know about Hackintoshing so I figured having theft protection in Windows would be great. And plus, if my laptop did get stolen and Lojack was unable to recover it, I would get my $100 back that I paid for the service. Well this was all fine and dandy until after two months of owning my laptop I learned about this great thing called Kalyway 10.5.2. So I installed it and long story short, I now use OS X as my primary Operating System (This shouldn’t be news to anyone).

One of the disadvantages of switching over to this OS from Windows was that, at the time, Lojack only had an application for Windows. They hadn’t yet made a Mac version of their anti-theft software. I was fine with this as I wasn’t going to let that stop me from running the best OS ever made. A couple months ago, I saw that Lojack had made an application for OS X. You could now purchase Lojack anti-theft protection for your Mac Laptop. But I didn’t want to purchase the service again when I already had it for another two years. Being the genius that I am, I said “Why don’t I just activating Lojack for OS X with my Registration Code??” One thing lead to another and… it didn’t work. I got a nice big error telling me that the registration code was invalid. A couple months passed by and this morning, being in a good mood, I decided to try using my Registration Code again for OS X. I downloaded the software I needed and this time, much to my surprise, it registered just fine.

You too can use your Lojack Anti-Theft Protection in OS X by following these simple steps:

1. Log in to Lojack

2. Once logged in, click the big “Remove Button”

3. Open a new tab and once again Login to Lojack’s site

4. Download the OS X version of their software

5. Install the software and when asked for it, type your Registration Code (Can be found on the Lojack page you logged in to before)

6. Activation can take up to 5 minutes and may even beach ball but when it completes, you will be taken to a page on Lojack’s site.

7. OS X is now activated with Lojack Anti-Theft protection originally for Windows!

8. To be sure everything’s working, run a test call by clicking “Test Call” on that same page

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2 Responses to “Using your Windows Lojack Anti-Theft Subscription in OS X”

  1. Thomas

    My laptop cost about $500 more than the $400 mark you referred to. And besides, with your numbers, if they do recover it that saves me $400 from having to buy another laptop. If they don’t I get my money back for it and I’m out just as much as if I hadn’t gotten the protection. Its a win-win.

  2. Richard Ward

    LoJack for $100 — Laptop costs $400, that’s 25% to protect your laptop and there is a chance they can’t recover it — so you’re out 75%. I don’t see this as being a deal.

    I guess if you had a $2,000 MacBook Pro it’d be a different story.