Say Hello To Mac Button

January 8th, 2008

Apple / Mac

A few years ago we used to notice a lot of web pages with “Mac On a Mac” buttons in colorful retro Apple logo styling. Now you hardly see anyone revealing they actually created *all this* on a Mac. Let’s face it. Macs are sexy. The new Macbook makes me all warm inside just thinking about it’s sleek design. So sleek that a lot of other companies (I’m talking to you, Sony!) are copying the “Mac look.”And I am no different! Re-vamped for 2008 is something so amazing, you’ll want to put it everywhere. So portable, it goes almost anywhere. So small yet so powerful. Say ‘hello’ to the all new Mac Button. Now, try not to get too full of yourself…

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3 Responses to “Say Hello To Mac Button”

  1. Hawered


  2. Richard

    Grrr! I thought I fixed all of this in the backend with a SQL update string. It is fixed now.

  3. Hawered

    You may wanna check all the pictures. Lol.