OS X 10.5.8 Installation Guide

August 10th, 2009

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The first time I tried installing 10.5.8, my keyboard and trackpad didn’t work. I reinstalled OS X, and tried again. My keyboard and trackpad worked fine after the update. When Thomas updated, he kept getting kernel panics until he booted into safe-mode (-x) and installed the audio drivers. Just goes to show that this can be a strange business of trial and error. Now let’s get started.

1. Thomas say “Back-up your computer“. Listen to the man, and do it.

2. Download the 10.5.8 Drivers Pack. You won’t have WiFi or sound after the update.

3. Go over here and download the Combo Update. You can use Software Update, but the Combo Update is safer.

4. When the .dmg is finished downloading (it’ll take a while, it’s nearly 800 MB) the installer will automatically start (if you’re using Safari that is; if not, just double-click the .dmg and then run the .pkg). All you have to do it click Continue a couple times. Installation will take awhile. I almost force-quit the installer because it appeared to be stalling, but it wasn’t. Be patient. Go get some coffee and ruminate on whether Starbucks customers are addicts or assholes.

5. When the installer is done, you’ll be prompted to reboot. You’re first reboot will most likely fail. This is normal. It’ll probably reboot on its own, but if it doesn’t, just hold down the power button. Boot with the -v (verbose) flag next time to see if there are any errors. If you still can’t boot without getting a Kernel Panic, boot with -x and that will get you in.

6. If all goes well, you’ll be back at your desktop. Not much is broken; only WiFi and Sound. Unzip the driver pack you downloaded earlier and install the kexts. Be sure to repair disk permissions when you’re done.

Note: If the included audio driver doesn’t work for you try following Richard’s instructions.

7. Reboot and then download the Sleep Fix provided by Sami (Thanks Sami!)

8. Navigate to /System/Library/Extensions/ and delete IntelCPUPowerManagement.kext

9. Install the included Kext, Repair Permissions in Disk Utility, and then reboot with the -f flag

10. Thank Sami for this find!

about10.5.8The list of changes in 10.5.8, from Apple itself, include:

  • Upgrades Safari to version 4.0.2
  • Improves the accuracy of full history search in Safari 4.
  • Improves overall Bluetooth reliability with external devices, USB webcams and printers.
  • Addresses an issue that could cause extended startup times.
  • Improves compatibility with some external USB hard drives.
  • Includes latest security fixes.

Full release notes are here and details on security fixes are here. Happy upgrading!

Note: If there’s anything else that isn’t working take a look at the drivers guide.

Update 1: It looks like sleep is broken but we’re currently working on a fix.

Update 2: If you had the trackpad preference-pane installed, it’ll be gone. You can find it in the drivers guide mentioned earlier along with instruction on how to fix it.

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160 Responses to “OS X 10.5.8 Installation Guide”

  1. René

    “In that case, try out this speed step kext.”

    Hmmm… after installing this kext, my Hac’s “abruptly” turned off just like that for a couple of times… After two hours or so using the notebook, it just went black. It happened twice or three times, but it doesn’t happen any more (at least, so far).
    I hope it won’t happen anymore!

  2. René

    “Actually, your battery life in OS X is greater than in Windows. To obtain this higher battery life, you need to install VoodooPower.kext”

    U kiddin’, right? :-)
    Since I have “upgraded” to OS X, my battery doesn’t last more than an hour and I do have the VoodooPower kext installed. Funny, ‘coz I’m through this since 10.5.2, plus I didn’t use to have any problem with my battery while I were running Windows.
    That’s another thing I gotta look into…

  3. René

    “Oh!!!! So it does work, but stops after you physically turn it off? I have a super easy solution for that… don’t turn it off! There’s absolutely no reason why you would need to turn it off, especially when it gives you issues. If you absolutely must though, I have had some success with turning off Airport and then turning off the card. Then, to turn it back on, turn the card on, wait about 30 seconds, and then turn Airport on. Note that this doesn’t always work, but I would say it does the majority of the time.”

    Hehehe, I sure reckon this ideia about not turning the card off as a solution, but I wish I could save some battery when it’s unplugged, ‘coz we all know that after installing OS X, the battery duration reduces by (at least) half, comparing to when we were running Windows.

    No problem, Thomas. Many thanks for your attention.
    I’ll try on and if I have any success, I’ll post back.

  4. Andre

    Hello :)
    here’s my problem : I tried to install the 10.5.8. update from 10.5.4. In the middle of the instalation it asked me to hold down the power button cause the computer needed to restart. So I did. After the restart I’m getting kernel panic and i can’t boot in to he desktop. Any ideas guys?

    Thx in advance

  5. René

    “Assuming you’re correctly running the script, I can’t think of any other issue that could be causing this. As long as you do have the Dell 1395 wireless card (actually made by Broadcom) it should be working just fine. Just out of curiosity, and I should have asked this a bit earlier, but what do you mean by the card not working? It doesn’t list any networks, you can’t connect to your network, etc?”

    Hmm, it worked well from 10.5.2 through 10.5.7 and yes, I do have this card, Dell 1395.

    This is what happens:
    – I boot up with the wireless card turned off -> it is recognized, but I can’t turn it on. When I click on the option to turn the AirPort on, nothing happens.
    – I boot up with the wireless card turned on -> it is recognized and works right the way. I can normally scan other networks and connect to them.
    – I boot up with the wireless card turned on, but turn it off -> it stops working. I go back to the first situation. I click on the option to turn the AirPort on, but it doesn’t work anymore, so I have to boot the notebook again with the card on.

    When I say “turn the card on/off”, I mean sliding that button on the right side of the notebook, below the remote control place.

    • Thomas

      Oh!!!! So it does work, but stops after you physically turn it off? I have a super easy solution for that… don’t turn it off! There’s absolutely no reason why you would need to turn it off, especially when it gives you issues. If you absolutely must though, I have had some success with turning off Airport and then turning off the card. Then, to turn it back on, turn the card on, wait about 30 seconds, and then turn Airport on. Note that this doesn’t always work, but I would say it does the majority of the time.

  6. René

    “Try booting with the -f flag.”

    I’ve run the script, repaired permissions and finally booted with -f. Nothing new :-(

    • Thomas

      Assuming you’re correctly running the script, I can’t think of any other issue that could be causing this. As long as you do have the Dell 1395 wireless card (actually made by Broadcom) it should be working just fine. Just out of curiosity, and I should have asked this a bit earlier, but what do you mean by the card not working? It doesn’t list any networks, you can’t connect to your network, etc?

  7. René

    “After installing any Airport updates through Software Update or any other source, you will have to re-run the Broadcom script. Anyway, test out the script with the AppleHDA patcher and report back.”

    That’s what I did… I updated AirPort and then, I’ve run the script several times and eventually, repaired permissions as always – no success in it… Actually, things got worst when I updated ’cause after it, the card was no longer recognized, then I restored the AirPort files.
    Now it’s working as before, only when I boot the notebook with the card turned on.

    I tried running the Broadcom script with the AppleHDA patcher: FAIL. It says there’s no codec found or so. After that, I tried to run the script a dozen times, but everything stays the same.

  8. René

    “Which wireless card do you have? If you have the Dell 1395 card, just continue to run the script until you get it. Some users have reported success by running the script in the AppleHDA patcher, but I have yet to confirm this.”

    Hey Thomas,
    I got this one you said, Dell 1395… I’ll try using the AppleHDA patcher and let’s see what happens hehe…
    Whether I succeed or not, I’ll post here.

    I’d like to point that if I reboot with the WiFi card turned on (you know, that on/off button…) it works, but it crashes if I turn it off and on again, so I have to reboot the notebook to get it working again… The card is actually recognized by the OS, but it doesn’t work properly. At first, I thought it was because those AirPort stuffs weren’t updated, then I’ve updated them using Software Update and after that, the WiFi card wasn’t being recognized anymore until I restored my HD from my backup. Now I’m stuck with that problem…

    Thanks for the help!

    • Thomas

      After installing any Airport updates through Software Update or any other source, you will have to re-run the Broadcom script. Anyway, test out the script with the AppleHDA patcher and report back.

  9. René

    Hey guys! Thanks for the tutorial!
    Everything is running perfectly ‘cept for the WiFi after updating to this version… I’ve updated those AirPort stuffs with Software Update and everything, but it won’t work… I’ve used the bcm43xx_enalber script for like a zillion times, but I can’t seem to get it working.

    Any help will be appreciated and thanks in advance!

    • Thomas

      Which wireless card do you have? If you have the Dell 1395 card, just continue to run the script until you get it. Some users have reported success by running the script in the AppleHDA patcher, but I have yet to confirm this.

  10. Иванович

    After updating to 10.5.8, I can’t lock the screen anymore (the same happened when I was running the 10.5.3)… Does anybody know how to fix it? I’ve searched it on tons of pages on Google, but I won’t find it..

    • Thomas

      Sorry guys, I’ve been super busy lately. To anyone who still needs assistance: please repost your question (a simply copy and paste will suffice) and I will answer.

  11. Okami

    Hey Thomas,

    Seem like I become a fan of your blog haha (a fan in Germany isn’t that awesome??)

    Well but fun beside…I have a working 10.5.8 ISO on my pc.
    I was allready able to install it on a VM (worked…but slowly).
    So of course I tried installing it on another pc to make it work a litle faster.

    My question now is, if and how I need to install all the drivers (as my drive is blank when I want to install it)



  12. tarun

    stuck at post installation . its says waiting for other mac to restart

    • Thomas

      Can you please provide some more information so that I can help you diagnose the problem? Also, can you provide a screenshot/picture of the error?

  13. Steve0supremo

    Well I used rc1 and it worked fine. I’ll probably just wait for an official release.

  14. steve0suprem0

    correction – i forgot to untar the file. duh. now i get this:

    fdisk: could not open MBR file boot0: No such file or directory

    • Thomas

      Verify that you cd’ed into the i386 folder inside of the Chameleon-2.0-RC4-r684-bin folder. Also, be sure to include an r in front of any disk identifiers (rdisk0 in step 1 and rdisk0s1 in step 2.

  15. steve0suprem0

    so i didn’t realize i had to have chameleon. but when i follow the instructions for rc4, i get no such file or directory on step 4.

  16. steve0suprem0

    sure do.

    • Thomas

      Maybe I can jump in to help? Try this dsdt.aml and place it in the root of your OS X Partition. Then reboot and see if it helps. Also, which bootloader are you using? If you’re not using Chameleon then the dsdt.aml won’t be loaded. You can get the newest chameleon here and it should fix your problem.

  17. steve0suprem0

    hey guys. it’s been a while, but i built a desktop and can now dedicate my 1525 to osx86. so i installed xxx 1.5.6, then upgraded to 10.5.7 and used the migration assistant on my old time machine backup. so far so good. so i’m trying to go to 10.5.8 (still downloading snow leopard) and i alsways run into the same issue: after it’s installed and i reboot, i get the white apple loading screen, then the plain blue screen for about a second, then instead of popping up with thelogin screen i’m used to, the display goes black. it’s not sleeping, i dunno what’s going on. the expose corner trick doesn’t do anything. i can get it to boot perfectly with the boot-123 disk without any -v, -x or whatever, but it won’t do it by itself. any ideas?

  18. Amine

    Can i update from kalyway 10.5.2 to 10.5.8 ?


  19. Kyle

    Has anyone noticed some of their keys stop working? My backspace and space bar keys sometimes stop working. If I log out and back in then all works fine. It’s only some of the keys…

  20. Max

    I had a very strange instalation, because after installing the sleep fix I had a kernel panic, and what I did is take the iPC install dvd and uncheck everything except ACPI and IOPCFamily.kext fixes, and it just worked. Now i’m without troubles using 10.5.8, and it worths the install.

    thanks for the guide, though :)

  21. hax101

    I know it’s minor but can anyone tell me how to change “unknown” to Intel core 2 duo under the about this mac screen?

  22. Kirsty


    Can anyone help me please. I used the software updater to install 10.5.8 combo on Macbook Pro. It restarts the computer and then gets stuck saying installing 1 item. I left if for over an hour the first time before I re-booted. I’ve since tried to or 3 times and it still gets stuck at that part of the install??

    I currently have 10.5.5 is that the problem??

    Sorry I am a total nitwit when it comes to computers….

    • Thomas

      The issue could be caused by your being on 10.5.5 although since your using Software Update, it shouldn’t be having any problems. Try installing the Delta Updates from Apple.com for 10.5.6, 10.5.7, and then eventually 10.5.8 and see how it goes.

  23. Kyle

    The light used to work when I was at 10.5.5 using Kalyway, so I thought I would ask. All other lights work except wifi.

    Thanks for the quick response!!!

  24. Kyle

    Everything works thanks to this great guide!!! Only minor problem is my blue Wifi light won’t turn on even though my wireless is working perfect.

    Any thoughts???

    btw: I was at 10.5.4 via Kalyway and starting over via iPC 10.5.6 was so simple. All you newbies to 1525 OS X have no idea how much easier it is now.

    • Thomas

      The WiFi light doesn’t turn on or work with our drivers for OS X. Personally, I find this a non-issue as those lights are extremely annoying and are too bright.

  25. Sami

    I think I have found why we don’t have power adapter and battery settings in Preferences. Yesterday I installed retail Leo (thanks to Thomas) and when I was on 10.5 I got the options, but then when I updated to 10.5.8 I lost them. And the reason for that is the model identifier in system profiler. On 10.5 my PC was identified as somemodel and now on 10.5.8 is identified as MacPro. And this is the reason because in MacPro doesn’t have settings for battery only for AC power. So I was wondering if anyone knows how to change the model to macbook so I can try to get the settings back again?

    • Thomas

      Nice catch in System Profiler! The system name has to do with AppleSMBIOS so you can probably get a kext/tool to change the system model for you over at insanelymac.com

  26. Dragan

    Can I upgrade from version 10.5.4 to 10.5.8? And what are the consequences by doing that?

    • Thomas

      Dragan- I believe that you can upgrade from 10.5.4. The consequences will just be that many things will be broken although you can fix them using this guide. You will also need a dsdt.aml is you don’t already have one.

  27. Wolfer

    Well… I can say without doubt that 10.5.8 is a worthless update! I know that (most) you others have to have experienced the same ‘Energy Saver’ issues I was encountering (in that the laptop thinks it is on the ‘Power Adapter’ at all times). Also, sleep is not perfect even using SleepEnabler.kext. I just hope that not too much of this update is going to be indicative of what we find in Snow Leopard.

    I guess 10.5.8 is perfect for you if you’re looking to loose functionality; that is about all this OS update was worth.

    So, it’s back to 10.5.7 for me across the 1525 and Mini 9. SN 10.6 will be the next thing that is actually worthy of experimentation.

    I look forward to seeing your guide and how close it comes to the ideas I have regarding how to best install it on the 1525. Glad to see that most everything is working.

    That said, are there power management issues (other than sleep) in the prefPane, specifically battery based controls? In other words, does the OS actually allow a battery profile and reflect that when the AC Adapter is pulled that the machine has gone to battery?

    — Wolfer

  28. John Demented

    Snow Leopard on Dell Inspiron 1525. Progress on my end is 97% complete. The only remaining issue I have is sleep which still plagues me. I will be mostly working on that today. Also Thomas, I am updating a kext package for you and hopefully we can get you up and running and figure out the problem your having. I think it might be related to running on a mbr drive instead of guid but no way to confirm that until i reinstall on my extra hdd today. I will do my best to help so the only thing I can think of is trying the mbr hdd install and see if I get the same issue. Hopefully hopefully over the next couple of days we will have systems go. :-)

  29. Wolfer

    Ummm… Okay, upgraded to 10.5.8, decided to go the way of the masses and took the kernel back to 9.80 (after going back to 9.7 for perfect sleep again), used SleepEnabler.kext, and ensured my IOUSBFamily.kext and VoodooUSBEHCI.kext were up-to-date and sleep is working as it should.

    But, come today, I looked into my Energy Saver prefPane and realized that I no longer have any battery options present anymore?! What the?!? I’m posting this prior to looking into the issue myself just in case someone else has seen it and can post a quick fix/suggestion for me, but I’m assuming I’m going to have to drop back to the 10.5.7 prefPane and PowerManagement.bundle, and possibly more kexts, to get my battery profile back again. Problem is, when sleeping on battery, I’m back to where if the lid opens a little in my pack, the thing wakes up and starts cooking itself. I have no battery profile to even modify anymore (to tell clamshell to not wake on battery)!

    And I thought I was done with what I thought was a fairly painless 10.5.8 upgrade. I’ll look into it when I get time, but time is something I don’t have a lot of right now.

    Thanks for any hints/downloads, etc.

    — Wolfer

  30. John Demented

    Updated to Snow Leopard via retail install. Everything is working except for sleep and my keyboard being 102 again…

    • Thomas

      Do you use AIM or some sort of IM client so that I can chat with you about your success? My screenname on AIM is tompic823 if you’re on and wouldn’t mind telling me what you did to make it work.

  31. jani


    sleep with the world famous sleep fix works perfectly on both AC or battery :)

    (FuSi Amilo Li2727, iPC)

  32. Wolfer

    @jani, “the world famous sleep fix…” Does the fix allow for sleep when on both AC or Battery? I didn’t do much experimenting before going with the work-around I choose, but seemed many could sleep on battery, but were unable when plugged into AC. Also, seemed like there were a lot of “wake” issues. Also, I wasn’t too excited about having to leave AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext as it does keep the CPU heat up and the fans blazing.

    Guess I might not have found that “magic” combination of settings/kexts yet. For now though, the older kernel does me just fine.

    — Wolfer

  33. jani

    Thanks for the 10.5.8 sleep fix! I use it on my FuSi Amilo Li2727 ( with iPC 10.5.6, yesterday updated to 10.5.8 ). After 10.5.8 update I had to reinstall fixed x3100 driver, audio, and this world famous sleep fix. Thanks again! If anyone is interested in installing OSX on Amilo Li2727, I wrote a tutorial on my blog. Thanks for the sleep fix again! It saved my life :)

  34. Wolfer


    If you want sleep to work as it did on 10.5.7, then just use OSX86Tools to restore the 10.5.7 kernel (/mach_kernel) and System.kext from 10.5.7 (You know, from that backup you made in Step #1) once you have 10.5.8 installed. Make sure to restore both files or you’ll run into a lot of strange issues.

    Long and short of it, doing so will allow you to delete AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext (lowers temps, keeps fans from running all the time), which SleepEnabler.kext requires be present, and get your sleep working whether plugged in or running on battery. (Yes, this does infer that you also delete SleepEnabler.kext.)

    As Superhai has also stated, there is hardly any difference between the 10.5.7 and 10.5.8 kernels; mostly there was only power management feature changes/additions. Unfortunately, these features don’t work as well with the Hacks as they do with real Macs, so a good solution is just regressing back to the older kernel. It’ll give you just the sleep functionality you want AND always had working in the prior OS X revisions. From my testing and the testing of others, there’s nothing to loose and everything to gain.

    Someday there might be a better solution, but for now, this is the easiest and most graceful correction to the sleep anomalies. So, if you feel so inclined, I thought I’d let you all know about the fix, or in better terms, work-around.

    — Wolfer

  35. Omar

    Hey guys, thanks for the awesome tutorial.

    By the way, if you are having problems with the computer not sleeping while plugged in, you should reinstall the IOUSBFamily.kext from the 10.5.7 upgrade and the VoodooUSBEHCI.kext from the driverpack found in macyourpc.com. Worked like a charm for me, hopefully it works for everyone else as well

  36. Sami

    Actually when I change the trackpad preference I get only the side scrolling, and I can’t change the VoodooPS2 prefpane and I don’t like the side scrolling. Anyway I’ll stick with old PS2 because with voodoo my mouse goes wild even on lowest speed I just can’t move it when I do it goes back. I’ll wait for better release but good about this release is that the media buttons work without Butler. Thank you again

  37. Sami

    Thank you for the kext pack Tom, and btw I notice you put VoodooPS2 Controller I have question about it. I have ALPS touchpad and when I install it like everyone I can’t change settings and I can’t use 2finger scroll. Do you know how to enable it because I got used to it and if doesn’t work I’d rather to stay with old PS2 controller.

    • Thomas

      It sounds like you need the Trackpad PreferencePane. You can download it here. Just follow the included instructions and then you should be able to find the “Trackpad” PrefPane in System Preferences.

  38. Sami

    Ok, Tom thank you again I try the install next week Because this I’m busy to study and I’ll let you know how the install went, but I’ll reformat it anyway I don’t have the time to to make modified OSIntall file and don’t have any DL DVDs to use again (and don’t want to make it single layer). And btw do you know which drivers are included the Boot123 CD. On the DVD load I use verbose mode and I saw that Voodoo Power, Wi-Fi and Ethernet are loading. What should be the ones which I have to install and which are included in?

    • Thomas

      The Boot-132 CD has Battery Meter and WiFi drivers. It may have a few more but I’m not too sure. As for post installation though, download the drivers and place the appropriate ones in your /Extra/ folder (Appears after you install Chameleon) and kext helper the rest. Then Repair Permission in Disk Utility, reboot, and boot with -f. Most everything should now be working after following these steps.

  39. Sami

    Thanks, Tom it worked. I got to the install screen but I could try to install it because I have MBR partition but I’ll try it next week after my exam. But I have a few questions about the installation. I notice that on the install screen I have the wi-fi and the battery meter also. Does this mean that when I install it and put the Extension.mkext in the extra folder I’ll have everything up and running like battery meter wi-fi audio trackpad and all the other stuff that worked on the other distos? And when I update to should I use iDeneb Combo updates or from Apple? And the last is about the display after install. Doest go black again or it workes like with the DSST.aml and should I use it later? Thanks again I was hoping I can get retail since the first time I installed Leopard on my Dell. I’m also looking forward to see if we can get retail SL on our Dells with your guide. Thanks again!!

    • Thomas

      For installing Retail OS X on an MBR Partitioned drive, follow this guide (I used it so that I wouldn’t have to reformat my entire drive to GPT). As for the Boot-132 Disc, it includes the drivers for several pieces of hardware such as WiFi and Battery Meter, although not all hardware. The whole point of Retail Installs though is that you can use the updates directly from Apple/Software Update. If you are willing to install the iDeneb Combo Updates then I don’t think you should go through the trouble of a Retail Install as, no offense, but you wouldn’t reap the benefits. If you still want to go through with the install, the display should be fine on your first boot as the Boot-132 disc has the proper files you need to wake the screen. After that though, you need to install Chameleon so that you can continue to boot to your OS X partition. Once you install Chameleon, you need to copy the dsdt.aml from your old OS X partition to the root of your new one.

  40. Sami

    Tom it doesn’t boot even in slower speed used another app for burning same and I also noticed that when I tried to copy the files from the image it gives me some read error with the mboot.c32 file. Could that be some problem for not booting it? Because it stuck after the first line that says isolinux some numbers and copyright peter someone.

  41. hax101

    For those still not having any luck with their keyboard and mouse, i got mine to work again by going to my back ups and installing my old ApplePS2Controller.kext and AppleACPIPlatform.kext from my 10.5.7 install. They work fine now, not exactly sure why yet, but hope it helps.

    • Thomas

      hax101- Thanks for the tip and also for the donation. It’s greatly appreciated!

      Sami- I made a new iso of the Boot-132 CD and you can download it here. Burn it with Disk Utility using the lowest speed and it should work for you. Let me know how it goes.

  42. Sami

    Ok I burned it with DiskUtility but on boot it gives me the first line Isolinux ….. and stays there no further boot or something

  43. Sami

    Thanks Tom, I’ll try it later today, but one thing I’m wondering about is about kext I’m suppose to use because I’m thinking to try new bootloader called BootThink. You put them in Extra folder in chameleon right and use again dtsl patch? Can you link your kext that you use or the kext in the boot-123 CD are better to use?

    • Thomas

      The kexts included on the Boot 132 CD should work fine. And if you don’t mind trying one more CD, could you burn the .cdr again at a slower speed?

  44. Sami

    Yeah personally I really want to use retail on my Dell I’ll spend money on getting retail if we can install it on our PC. I just wanted to try it because it was based on GM and wanted to see what SL is looking like, but I gave it up for now. Now I’m trying to put retail Leopard on my Dell but I can’t boot it with the Boot-132 CD, it stuck on loading we need modified CD for our Dell but I haven’t chance to find any.

    • Thomas

      Try burning a .cdr of the Boot 132 I use. It can be downloaded here. Just burn it to a disc using Disk Utility and then try it out. By the way, when booting from the CD, the hexadecimals are as follows:
      First HDD- 80
      Second HDD- 81
      DVD Drive- 82

  45. dieselboy

    Thomas – I’m glad to hear that you will be doing a retail install. I can wait a couple of weeks until the guide comes out. I just hope that there won’t be problems with this new release. Maybe there will be better compatibility ;) ?

    • Thomas

      The only things that are currently incompatible are S-Video, the Modem, HDMI, and VGA Mirrored Display. They will most likely never get fixed and Snow Leopard wouldn’t add any more support for our third party hardware.

  46. Sami

    OK I was eager to try this distro tonight so I did an installation earlier and that’s the result for now. I had to use external monitor because at the installation screen display went black. then after successful install on first boot it gave me kernel panic. I didn’t bother to try another try cuz i’m tired. Maybe I’ll try tomorrow again but to be honest this maybe won’t work for now. I’ll bet there will be some distro of SL few days after release so better wait it.

  47. Sami

    I’m just downloading some russian universal dvd for snow leopard which I’m going to try this days if it works I’ll let you know

  48. dieselboy

    Now that the snow leopard release date is official august 28th can we start getting excited about an installation guide ;)

    • Thomas

      dieselboy- I should have a Retail 10.6 disc in my hands within the next 1-2 weeks and I will start testing installation immediately. I have football right now and school starts soon though so don’t be surprised if the release of the guide is a little delayed.

      Sami- With the release of Snow Leopard, we will not be focusing on Distros but rather a retail Install. Retail installs are much more stable and that way, you can actually purchase and use a Snow Leopard disc for $29.

  49. dieselboy

    I’m anxiously awaiting the snow leopard 10.6 10A432 installation guide. I really don’t care about this 10.5.8 update. Why would you want to bother when the new O/S is going to be officially avaialble soon, and the GM is already out. I was hoping to see the 10.6 guide up by now, but I guess I’m jumping the gun. Till then, don’t get caught ;)

    • Thomas

      A guide won’t be up until the CONFIRMED official release is out as opposed to current speculation of which release will be the final one. I will be purchasing the Retail 10.6 disc when it is released so a guide should be up shortly after it starts to ship.

  50. Luc

    Updated my PowerBook G4 (PPC) from 10.3.9 to 10.5.6 then updated to 10.5.8 (0.8 GB download!!!!)
    Mail would not show mailbox contents > so I moved them all over manually.
    Internal microphone would not work. Apple store rebooted with Tiger and microphone worked. Solution proposed was to backup all data; lose all installed apps and install Tiger
    Better solution is to calibrate the microphone under speech in prefs;

  51. Neflem

    Thomas – it like I posted above:

    Aug 18 22:36:50 localhost kernel[0]: can’t determine immediate dependencies for extension sk.triaxis.kext.SleepEnabler

    SleepEnabler.kext is loogin for a dependency, which I don’t have and is not included in the SleepEnabler archive.

    • Thomas

      Ok, now I want you to actually answer my question. As I said earlier, is sleep not working? Also, what happens when you try to put your Laptop to sleep.

  52. Ravi

    Hi! Richard,

    I am unable to upgrade my dell inspiron 1525 from 10.5.7 to 10.5.8. I have tried three routes:
    Software Update – Kernel panic
    10.5.8 incremental update – Kernel Panic
    10.5.8 combo update – done from 10.5.7 – Kernel Panic
    10.5.8 combo update – done from 10.5.2 – Kernel Panic

    I now completely foxed, am at loss as to what to do next. I have tried the reboot with all combinations of -x, -v, -f but to no avail. When I do update -v.

    The installer quits saying that the source file is damaged, and I should contact manufacturer for another copy. I have been downloading from the MAC official support site.

    Please guide me. I have triple boot – Mandriva – OS X – Vista, but like to do most of my work on the OS X part. Help!!

  53. jacob

    i know this isn’t exactly topic related, but i’m having what seems to be some hardware issues, my media buttons are playing up, the volume either being stuck up or down, when logged in and various other buttons when i am at the chameleon boot screen, this assumably has nothing to do with the update which has been working great for a few days now? any ideas – or any way to disable the whole media key set up?

    • Thomas

      If you want to disable the media keys (Play/Pause, Rewind, Stop, and Fast Forward), uninstall Butler or unload the configuration from it. You cannot disable the volume keys though without completely disabling Audio on your laptop.

      Edit: You can completely disable all the media keys (Play/Pause, Volume, etc.) directly through the hardware by unplugging the ribbon cable connecting it to the motherboard. It wouldn’t be hard to do and a guide can be found here although be sure to only follow the first 4 steps.

  54. Neflem

    Hi Richard, thanks for the post.
    Alas, it does not give me any more info than I already had/knew.

    I think I will reinstall on another computer and tar off the Extension directory for 10.5.6 and 10.5.7 then try it on my daily Hacintosh.

    Will update if anything comes to pass.

  55. Richard Ward

    MacBook-Pro:Extensions root# grep -ri triaxis *
    SleepEnabler.kext/Contents/Info.plist: sk.triaxis.kext.SleepEnabler
    SleepEnabler.kext/Contents/Info.plist: sk.triaxis.kext.SleepEnabler
    Binary file SleepEnabler.kext/Contents/MacOS/SleepEnabler matches

    MacBook-Pro:Extensions root# uname -a
    Darwin MacBook-Pro.local 9.8.0 Darwin Kernel Version 9.8.0: Wed Jul 15 16:55:01 PDT 2009; root:xnu-1228.15.4~1/RELEASE_I386 i386

  56. Rick Alleva

    Hi, just tried to update software on leopard on my G$ 1.33mhz ibook…All seemed ok but then it would not reboot, got stuck at the grey apple. I was able to boot via Tiger that i have on another partition on the same HD. I reset PRAM on Tiger but couldn’t do on Leopard, but not sure if that would help…I also checked disk and verify/repair comes out fine, but verify/repair permissions says no package found when I try to check it out from disk utility on Tiger for the Leopard partition…I do only have 256RAM on this, but it has always worked before, could that be an issue?…All advice welcome…would prefer not to have to do a full install and mess with all the other programs…that seem to be there and intact…Thanks, Rick

  57. John Demented

    I dont have the option to change unless I plug in my usb keyboard then when I hit a key on laptop it says unrecognized.

  58. Neflem

    Hi Richard (Ward) or anyone else that has sleep working.

    I was wondering if you could help me (and probably others) out by finding some information.

    When the SleepEnabler.kext loads, errors are generated on the console.

    Aug 18 22:36:50 localhost kernel[0]: can’t determine immediate dependencies for extension sk.triaxis.kext.SleepEnabler
    Aug 18 22:36:50 localhost kernel[0]: Can’t determine dependencies for sk.triaxis.kext.SleepEnabler.
    Aug 18 22:36:50 localhost kernel[0]: Couldn’t alloc class “SleepEnabler

    If you could run the following commands in a terminal, ans post back anything that is found, it may help us out in trying to figure out what other kexts need to be loaded.

    Anyways, if you could perform the following.

    In a Terminal:

    cd /System/Library/Extensions
    grep -ri triaxis *

    Just paste back what you get – I’m not sure that it will even give us enough info to move forward, but that’s all I have to work with right now.
    Thanks in advance!!

  59. WhY.SoOo.Serious

    thnx Thomas for hellpin me out ( as usual )

    the sleep works fine now but only if i unplugged the charger

    so is there any way to enable sleep with the charger plugged in ???

    • Thomas

      Why.SoOo.Serious- If there is a fix then I am not aware of it

      John- It’s very strange that you don’t see the option unless a USB keyboard is plugged in. And after you run the test, when it says its unrecognized it should still give you an option to select which type of keyboard it is.

      Rick- What software did you update as the new software you installed is quite obviously the culprit.

      *Everyone*- It would really be appreciated if you clicked some of the google ads on the site as they help us gain revenue and pay for hosting.

  60. John Demented

    Well, Sleep is working partially (In 10.5.7) I had full sleep (plugged/unplugged) with iDeneb 10.5.7. I used the iDeneb combo update expecting sleep to continue working but unfortunately I had to install sleep fix here. Time Machine works thanks to iDeneb. But my big issue that no one seems really interested in is my keyboard. I use the tilde key a lot more than I actually realized and I cant find a way to get my keyboard to be recognized as a 101 Keyboard instead of 102. Is there a way to do it without that program yukalay?

    • Thomas

      bingeboy- Try reinstalling the Battery Meter using the kexts found in the Driver’s Guide (There’s a link to it at the end of this guide)

      John- Go to System Preferences->Keyboard & Mouse->Keyboard->Change Keyboard Type and then follow through the steps. Then select your keyboard as the US 101/102 key keyboard and it should be recognized properly now.

  61. Jaraeez

    Cheers Thomas – I figured as much though wanted confirmation from someone who has already taken the plunge (coward! :) )

  62. bingeboy

    I’m having issues with my battery meter showing time. With 10.5.7 I was getting 7+ hours on my netbook. Now it just switches between charging and not charging and showing the battery icon.

    Can someone post a download a kext they have working properly for this.


  63. WhY.SoOo.Serious

    i installed the Combo Update , and every thing seems to work fine expect the sleep fix

    i installed it about 4 times and i repaired the disk permission about five time and still the fix isn’t workin for me

    every time i put the laptop on sleep or i close the lid

    a chameleon logo poped up and i have to restart to go back to leopard

    is the fix workin???

    and if yes , what am i doin wrong??

    • Thomas

      Install the sleep fix one more time and then be sure to run a Tag Cache Rebuild using Kext Helper. Then repair permissions and boot with the -f flag. To test if the fix is working, unplug the laptop from the charger and then put it to sleep either by closing the laptop or going to the apple menu.

      And what exactly do you mean by the Chameleon logo? Was it an apple? Also, did that screen have any text on it?

  64. Jaraeez

    Hi all, well now that you people have done the upgrade to 10.5.8 what’s your advice for the rest of us?

    Is it worth the hassle?

    Should we maybe wait for SL?

    Are there any benefits upgrading that you all have noticed?

    I’ve many questions mainly because I have my Dell running as perfect as can be expected & don’t really fancy messing it up..


    • Thomas

      Jareez- Honestly, I don’t think the update is worth the hassle. I think you should definitely wait for Snow Leopard and steer clear of this update.

  65. ffreese

    thomas- yes, had qe until 10.7. but not after updating to 10.8.
    But: there may be ghosts in the machine – qe now working after installing kexts second time…

  66. ffreese

    Thomas- thanks, but I got access through a Win with macdrive, deleted some kexts and got access with usb-kbd and usb-mouse.
    Then I used ideneb-tool 10.5.8 to reinstall working ps2-kbd and mouse. After this I had access to internal kbd/mouse :)
    Now 10.5.8 running quite good – but no quartz extreme support on 1440×900 screens yet :(

  67. Richard Ward

    I’ve always been able to sleep both when plugged in and on batteries from many versions ago. I guess those fixes or kexts are still in place but unfortunately I couldn’t begin to tell you why or how to do it.

  68. Sami

    Glad I could help but how can you sleep plugged. I can’t, it reboot when I sleep it when its plugged.

    • Thomas

      Sami- I can’t sleep when plugged in either. When I try to, the system immediately wakes back up. It seems that the sleep while plugged in function is very selective and not everyone has it.

  69. ffreese

    pls help.
    keyboard and mouse totally lost – even no usb devices possible…
    maybe i could delete some kexts, to get at least usb devices run?
    thank you,

    • Thomas

      ffreese- If you can’t control the system with the keyboard and trackpad and also USB devices then use GParted to make another partition on your HDD and reinstall OS X onto that new partition. Then transfer all of your files from the old partition to the new partition using Migration Assistant that’s built into OS X.

  70. Alex

    Sleep works for me as well. Thanks a lot, Sami!

  71. Thomas

    The post has been updated. Thanks Sami!

  72. Richard Ward


    That fix did work for me! I can confirm sleep/wake works on batteries AND plugged in by closing and opening the lid, or going to Apple -> Sleep and using the power button to wake.

    Great job.

  73. Sami

    My sleep works on battery only and I used and kext from InsanelyMac you can try it http://www.megaupload.com/?d=J2SVDRZJ also you have to remove CPUPowerManagement,kext if you haven’t

  74. ffreese

    Did anyone update a 1440×900-screen dell?
    My screen keeps black after update…
    Any idea, what to do?
    At least, after the last major update I put the hdd into a 1525 with
    standard resolution to fix the installation, but maybe there is a better (more simple) way?
    Thank you in advance for your assistence,

  75. Prybar

    Does Insomniax not work? It allows a hibernate of sorts. I never use the hibernate, I just love being able to close my lid and not have to reboot.

    • Thomas

      InsomniaX works great in keeping the laptop from going to sleep and it’s what I have used for quite some time now. The Hibernation function of InsomniaX does not work unfortunately.

  76. John Demented

    This is an interesting update apparently. My keyboard is recognized as a 102 instead of 101 causing me to lose keys like my tilde (§±), Audio works ok (no internal mic), Sleep is a unbearable wont come back on if it goes to sleep, and my Time Machine which is uber important doesnt work at all. I cant even view my old backups in time machine.

  77. Richard Ward

    Internal microphone has been fixed with my AppleHDA mute fix (see link in original article).

  78. Richard Ward

    No strange issues to report here, except for broken internal microphone which I’m working on fixing — and no sleep. Seems to run smooth otherwise.

  79. Richard Ward

    Just realized my internal microphone is broken after 10.5.8

    • Thomas

      My internal Microphone and all other audio related stuff is working fine. Something must have gone awry when reinstalling the audio kexts after updating. Try reinstalling the Audio kext and see how it works.

      • Thomas

        Since I’ve upgraded to 10.5.8, I’ve probably had around 10 kernel panics and at least 3 times where my 10.5.8 backups wouldn’t even boot and I had to try some challenging and lengthy recovery measures to get everything booting again. I was able to get sleep working but this update still isn’t worth it. I think that I’m going to reinstall iPC 10.5.6 tonight and then update to the much more stable 10.5.7.

  80. Richard Ward

    Downloaded the 10.5.8 Combo Update, installed perfectly — “bad” reboot on the first try. Second reboot worked fine. Fixed sound and Wi-Fi which started working without so much as a reboot. Battery meter still works fine.

    Sleep does NOT work!

  81. SwampFoetus

    The lack of sleep on 10.5.8 is driving me mad! Sleep started to go astray for me on 10.5.7, but now it’s totally gone. Argh! Living without hibernation was bad, but no sleep either!

    xXx 10.5.6;
    – Clamshell working
    – Apple menu sleep working
    – Power button sleep working

    – Clamshell only working on battery, AC gave a steady power light and have to force re-boot (hold power button). Open Clamshell would also give steady light and not wake up.
    – Apple menu sleep as per Clamshell
    – Power button totally knackered. Screen goes grey and stays that way.

    – Everything bust. Steady power light and forced re-boot.

    Does anyone know what area of the OS has changed to bring this about? I’d like to try regressing some kexts, but I’m not 100% sure which ones to start with?

    I will also give sexual favours to anyone who can get hibernation working my 1525.

  82. j.r.

    Well, woke up today, powered up, and all my erratic movements have stopped. Still have to keep the speed around 2-3 notches or I get “hyper speed mouse”. The only reason Im interested in disabling is because I constantly, accidentally, touch the trackpad and it screws up what Im typing. Thanks again for all the help.

    • Thomas

      The same thing happens with me but i was able to figure out a way around it. Go to the Trackpad Preference Pane in System Preferences and then uncheck “Clicking.” This will disable tapping on the trackpad but will also stop the cursor from jumping around when you accidentally tap the trackpad.

  83. j.r.

    I have ubuntu up and running now as well, thanks alex and thomas. The only problem I have is I cant disable the trackpad when I have my mouse installed in 10.5.7 . I have it checked under system preferences>trackpad, but its still on. Any fix for this? Thanks again for all the help. (I had to set the pad to lowest setting because of the trackpad going crazy)

    • Thomas

      I looked into that for myself too as I could also take advantage of that feature but unfortunately it’s not supported on our “third party” trackpads. I’ll keep looking though and I’ll let you know if I find a solution.

  84. Alex

    Actually, on second thought, use a GParted Live CD to create the partitions. You can resize your OS X partition and create a new one as ext3 to install Ubuntu on.

    Edit: As Thomas pointed out to me, you can transfer files between partitions. Read this post for details.

  85. j.r.

    cool, thanks for your help alex. but when i go to disk utility and choose partition, i choose 2 partitions, and when i go to change the format, the only option is mac os extended journaled. Any ideas?

  86. Alex

    Short answer, no. Long answer, yes, but it requires messing around with the command line.

  87. j.r.

    so if I have images or music saved on one i will not be able to open it in the other correct?

  88. Alex

    You can go ahead and use Disk Utility as you’ll need two separate partitions. Ubuntu uses a different file-system than OS X, ext3, and Disk Utility can’t format partitions with this file-system. Just create two partitions with DU, one that’s Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and another that’s FAT32. Install Ubuntu onto the FAT32 partition, and it’ll reformat it on its own.

  89. j.r.

    I got 10.5.7 installed and running. I formated it like you said, but I was unsure about using the partitioning tool on the install cd. Is it okay to go ahead and partition it now using the disk utility? Or should I just let ubuntu take care of it when it installs? also will they be able to use the same free space for files or will they need separate partitions? thanks again for all the help. (I make sure to click ads all the time)

  90. John Demented

    I upgraded and my current problems are Time Machine not working, my keyboard is recognized as 102 keyboard not 101 like it should be, and of course like everyone else the sleep problem. Is it possible to help me?

    • Thomas

      As long as OS X recognizes any key you press then the keyboard issue is fine. As for Time Machine, I don’t use it so I’m not too sure about that. I’m currently working on a fix for sleep though so check back here as I will post it once I have found a solution.

  91. Sami

    You got it I always click on the ads after you post the topic. Keep the good work guys you are awesome. I’m looking forward to see that guide thanks Tom.

  92. Sami

    Well I know that that was used to be when I was at 10.5.7 and now its 50-52 degrees but anyway thanks for the help.

    BTW Tom you said in the forum that you have retail leopard installed I was wondering if you guys have the time and post and guide how to install on a freshly formated hard drive would be great.

  93. j.r.

    I have crossflashed firmware from sn-so82h into my dvd drive to give me the ability to booktype dvds before i burn them. should I crossflash the new firmware from dell before I install leopard? (should of included this in my last comment sorry)

    • Thomas

      j.r.- Whichever firmware you already have should be fine and so the flash is not necessary.

      Sami- We do not currently have a guide as I am still experimenting and making sure everything is working. You can expect a guide to be put up some time in the coming weeks though.

      • Thomas

        Also, if it’s not too much to ask, could you both please click on some ads either on the side bar or on the bottom of the site. It would really be appreciated. Once the ad is done loading, you can just close out of the site. Thanks so much.

  94. j.r.

    thanks for the help guys

  95. Alex

    When you boot the DVD to install leopard, you’ll want to go to Utilities -> Disk Utility in the menubar and then erase the partition you want to install it on. Use Mac OS Extended (Journaled) for the file system.

  96. j.r.

    Whenever I install leopard will it take care of all the drive partitioning and stuff? Or do I need to reformat and partition it myself before I do the install, since Im getting rid of vista? If so how should I set it up?

    • Thomas

      j.r.- If you want OS X to take up the entrie drive then when you boot the OS X Install DVD, Go to Utilities–> Disk Utility and then format the entire Drive as HFS.

      Sami- My temperatures usually don’t go above 45 celsius although when I have the laptop on my lap for an extended period of time, the temperature can reach up to 60 degrees

  97. Alex

    My battery meter works fine. It even shows the time before it runs out.

  98. Sami

    Yeah, when I reinstalled it now it gives the same reading as in GenericCPUPM but not its like 57 degrees how much is your temperature when it’s Idle cuz I think this is high before was like 44-45 degrees.

  99. Thomas

    If you have removed AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext and all those “thermal” kexts I previously suggested you remove and it still overheats than the issue could either be poor ventilation or incorrect readings from Temperature Monitor. Try reinstalling Temperature Monitor and see if the readings change.

  100. Sami

    I use temperature monitor since I’m on Leopard and that is what is confusing me because it always give correct value but now it has difference and I don’t know how to fix this heating.

  101. j.r.

    Im confused, do I have to start at 10.5.2 when I do the first install? Or can I start at 10.5.6? Also was wondering if anyone might have the time to help me through how to do a dual boot with leopard and ubuntu. Everything I find online is to dual boot with vista and leopard. Ive been beating google to death, but it aint giving up anything. Ive never installed an os so I really need a step by step tutorial. If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the help and sorry for cluttering your comments Thomas.

    • Thomas

      j.r.- You can start at 10.5.6. If you are going to, I recommend iPC 10.5.6 Universal PPF5. For dualbooting Ubuntu and OS X, all you need to do is have Chameleon installed and then install Ubuntu with these instructions.

  102. Thomas

    The voodoo kext doesn’t effect temperature so reinstalling wouldnt change anything. And which program do you use to check temperatures? I suggest you try Temperature Monitor as that will give you an correct reading.

  103. Sami

    OK I delete the kext and installed voodoo kext again but the temperature doesn’t go below 63, but i notice that with genericCPU app it gives me 50 degrees wicht for me it’s strange

  104. Sami

    Actually I have battery meter but it doesn’t give me the options I can choose when it’s on battery and on adapter. It gives me only the power options and when I remove the adapter it gives me on power adapter and give me charged? And I already installed the voodoo kext.

    • Thomas

      I too can no longer choose specific options for Battery Power and AC Power so it seems that this would be a change in 10.5.8. I assume that this is normal as we are both facing the issue. Can anyone else weigh in on the situation?

  105. Sami

    I updated to 10.5.8 after I reinstalled leopard from 10.5.6 and updated straight to 10.5.8. Now it least my wi-fi light is flashing as before but now i have problems with the cpu temperature it doesn’t go below 63°C I tried to delete the AppleIntelCPUPower management.kext and NullCPUPowerManagement.kext but it doesn’t helped. Also it doesn’t give me the battery preferences now as before it gives me only that is charged even when I unplug AC power. Any ideas how to fix this?

    • Thomas

      For your heat issues, use spotlight to search for the word “thermal” and delete any kexts that pop up with thermal in their name. For the battery meter, download this and install it. Then reboot and you should have a working battery meter.