OS Themes Are Really Pointless

January 14th, 2008

Personal Rants

I remember “back in the day” when Windows 98 was Special Edition, you could create an amazing theme with just a handful of colors and a neat wallpaper image. And it was cool to have a customized computer. Fast forward 10 years and the Internet is overrun with idiots who spend their time trying to mimic an Operating System they can’t figure out or can’t afford.

Since when was it cool to turn your Ubuntu Linux desktop into some piece of shit replica of Mac OS X? Go buy a Mac or a new life. Now, for some of you who manage to squeeze into the 0.5% of this article, you use X and Y Operating Systems and it’s easier for you to manage both if they both look the same. While I can understand that, you should still try to utilize them naturally. Isn’t that what they’re paying you the big bucks for, comp wiz?

Anyone viewing this page from Internet Explorer paired with a Firefox theme will be shot.

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