Mac OS X Snow Leopard Has Arrived!

August 28th, 2009

Apple / Mac

Mac OS X 10.6

Released today, Apple’s latest version of OS X (10.6) dubbed “Snow Leopard” has arrived. While looking at it from first glance, you can’t tell many differences from your old Mac running the plain cat (Leopard). But start poking around long enough and you’ll find… Whoa — fast, small, sexy. Apple delivers and no matter what anyone says: “10” will always be better than “7.”

So, who’s got it? And more importantly, who’s got it running on their non-Apple hardware? I’m sure we’re only days away from what could be the greatest possible “HackBook” tutorial ever — SnowBook.

Feel free to report anything you’ve found out regarding running Mac OS X 10.6 on your HackBooks and Hackintoshes here!

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20 Responses to “Mac OS X Snow Leopard Has Arrived!”

  1. chris

    if they had a guide here then it would be posted…

    • Thomas

      Exactly chris. People, please be patient. It’s not as easy as you think to get an brand new OS working when most of the old drivers don’t work.

  2. Dieselboy

    Someone must have SL installed on their 1525 by now. Please post a guide for us newbz that need your help.

  3. Chris

    Re: I know I’m too lazy to write it. How about you guys?

    This is the first one I’ve tried out, and I think I am in over my head trying to figure it out. I follow other steps-by-steps but don’t know where to go when I get hung up. So i’ll let Thomas do the hard work ;-)

  4. Richard

    I’ve donated as well! Gotta get this 10.6 guide up somehow. :-)

    I know I’m too lazy to write it. How about you guys?

    • Thomas

      Thanks so much Richard. First you help me with my computer case and now Snow Leopard… I’m glad I found this site ;-). Now just a couple bucks away until SL is mine!

  5. Chris

    i tossed a little something your way

  6. Richard

    You mean Apple tried to trick us? Steve, why…? I thought we were better than that.

    • Thomas

      Richard- Hahaha. I guess companies just never fail to disappoint, even if the company in question is the producer of the best OS known to man.

      Chris- I received the donation and I greatly appreciate it. Generosity like yours is what helps this site thrive. Amazon is selling Snow Leopard for a mere $25 so I’m just $15 away from purchasing the snowy beast. Once again, thanks for the generosity.

  7. chris

    I’m not positive of this, but I think the $29 “upgrade” disc works the same as the full installer. I am going to test it tomorrow on an iMac running 10.4.

    • Thomas

      That is correct, the $29 Upgrade Disc works exactly as the $169 disc included with the Mac Box Set. It seems it was all a gimmick so that some users would spring for the more expensive version of the Install Disc.

  8. Omar

    Any updates on install attempts guys ??? :)

    • Thomas

      Not yet. Just keep your eyes open for the coming weeks as we make progress.

      • Thomas

        I am currently working on installing Snow Leopard from an external HDD. If it works then I will put a guide up. Regardless of what happens, I will have a Snow Leopard disc in the coming weeks as I get more money to buy one. If anyone would like to donate to help me pay for Snow Leopard so that I can get a guide up sooner then you can find the donate link in the sidebar.

  9. Chris

    I’ve been following a few different guides and haven’t had the least bit of success. I’ve been trying to install it vi amy Mini to a hard drive, then patch it with Chameleon and adding a few other patched files – but no luck yet.

  10. Richard Ward

    My external hard drive is in storage and I cannot upgrade my laptop until I’m able to back up my computer. I might try over the network and see where it takes me — or try stuffing 10.6 on a different partition.

  11. Alex

    I’ve got my copy.

  12. Chris

    I have it on my Mac Mini, and have been looking around for how to get it on my HackBook. So far it seems a little quicker – and it wakes from sleep just as fast as they boasted!