Mac Moves To The Top 3

July 18th, 2008

Apple / Mac

Gartner and IDC both confirmed what we all thought would happen with more and more Microsoft users running away from Vista and scooping up brand new hassle-free Macs at their local Best Buy. Apple is now officailly the third largest computer manufactor in the United States! And that doesn’t take into consideration the fact that a lot of Windows users are surfing the web with their iPods and iPhones. If you want to count those into the equasion, you’ve got a serious market share for surfing the web.

I’m very surprised to see them beat out Acer for the #3 spot. If you remember all the buying that went on last year, you’ll know that Acer owns the Gateway and eMachines brands as well as selling computers under their own name. There’s still a lot of headway to make if Steve Jobs expects Apple, Inc. to climb to the ranks of #2 considering how far ahead HP is. We’ll see what happens!

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