Hate Vista? So Does Intel

June 26th, 2008

MS / Windows

With recent shipments of failure from the Microsoft camp, including a rather useless Service Pack 3 for aged XP and a “Reliability” Service Pack update for Vista SP1, their users have been speaking out for years since the release of Windows Vista in late 2006. And surprisingly (not), major companies are speaking out about just how featureless and lacking Microsoft’s latest Operating System is.

Intel Corporation has dedicated that they’re not going to run Vista. Period. According to the New York Times, “Intel information technology staff just found no compelling case for adopting Vista.” Intel’s IT staff arrived at their decision after a lengthy cost-benefit analysis. It has yet to be seen what kind of heat Microsoft will put on top Intel execs for the decision to keep Windows XP alive. I mean, come on. Issue a brand new Service Pack after about 4 years and then turn around and announce you’re officially canning the entire Operating System (XP)?

Don’t worry! Windows 7 will save us all. Just keep praying to the almighty software giant.

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One Response to “Hate Vista? So Does Intel”

  1. Thomas

    Looking back at this ancient post (I’m bored), it’s kinda funny because it seems that Windows 7 will be the answer to all our problems. The Release Candidate is great and amazingly stable for a Windows OS.