Change The Name Of An Untitled Windows Partition

WinHDIf you’re dual-booting OS X and a more recent version of Windows, you’ll likely have noticed that your Windows partition is labeled “Untitled” in OS X. I’m anal about these sort of things and this bothers me to no end, so I began searching for a way to change the name to something more descriptive. Turns out, OS X can’t rename NTFS partitions. Fat32 is OK, which is why Windows XP doesn’t have this problem, but Vista and Windows 7 will appear as “Untitled” with no way to change it within OS X. However, you can easily change it from within Windows.

In Windows, go to your C drive and right-click in an empty space and go to properties. The name space should be blank. All you have to do is type in a name such as “Windows HD” and you’re done. OS X should recognize the change and your anal-retentiveness will be placated.

[via MacRumors Forums]

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3 Responses to “Change The Name Of An Untitled Windows Partition”

  1. jorge

    that was helpful, thanks

  2. Tim

    Thanks for the research. This has been bothering me too. I tribooted with XP and ubuntu, but chose NTFS for XP, so I can’t change it right now. I might change it to 7..

  3. Thomas

    This was pissing me off too, just not to the point where I researched how to fix
    it. Anyway, thanks as everything looks much better now!