Chameleon RC2… It’s here

July 26th, 2009

Apple / Mac

As you can probably guess from the title of this post, Chameleon RC2 was released as an update to the previously released Chameleon RC1 (No sh*t?). Because the RC2 doesn’t boast that many new features, just a couple on important bug fixes and a couple additions that the average user won’t notice or use, we chose the simply update the old Chameleon post with the new download links. All the install instructions are the same so just follow the same steps that you previously did and you’ll be running the newest version of Chameleon. Maybe for the future a self-updating Bootloader? Just food for thought…

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10 Responses to “Chameleon RC2… It’s here”

  1. Steve

    Forgive me, but I’m new to this. I have Dell i530 with 2 HD’s (one Windows/One Mac). Mac HD has 3 partitions:
    Partition 1:Leopard using iDeneb 10.5.6 with chameleon 1.0.12 working
    Partition 2:Snow Leopard installed (I want to put Snow Leopard here) with Chameleon2 using method
    Partition 3: just for data

    Install went ok, but when I try to boot into Snow, I get Chameleon 1 bootloader, select snow, it starts loading kernel but then nothing more.

    I think I may need to install Chameleon 2 onto this partition as well. Is this correct? Could I corrupt existing Leopard installation? I don’t understand exactly how the bootloader interacts with system despite reading posts for 2 days.

    Do I need to install the same version of Chameleon on all 3 partitions and the hidden EFI partition?

    I’ve read about the SATA problem only recognising SATA 0&1, and this isn’t the problem. HD is on SATA 0

    • Thomas

      It sounds like the version of Chameleon you are using to boot is incompatible with Snow Leopard. Try installing Chameleon 2 RC3 from this guide and it should boot SL without issue.

  2. miaxz

    not really but i want my laptop have its original features, so i leave it as is.

    by the way i have another question if there is a way to bind media direct button
    to open front row when booted to mac os x

    • Thomas

      There isn’t anyway to bind the Media Direct button to OS X although that can always change so be sure to check to see if someone figures out how.

  3. Thomas

    Do you still need Media Direct? Personally, I find it completely useless and quite annoying. It’s very easy to remove and will fix your problem.

  4. miaxz

    its ok youre response is well appreciated.

    me either i cannot find it online
    as of now My Laptop is working fine,
    i can open MediaDirect Express via its button.
    Pressing the power button opens Chameleon and i can select between XP,OSX and MD

    Thank you

  5. Thomas

    Is there is a command you can use then I wouldn’t know it and I wasn’t able to find anything about it online either. Sorry for not being able to provide more help.

  6. miaxz

    Thanks thomas for your response,,

    gparted live cannot recognize my hard drive
    so i use acronis disk director. partition already hidden but still in chmeleon
    bootloader menu the dell utility partition appears.. i have have 5 partitions

    1. Dell Utility (Fat16) (pri. hidden)
    2. Windows XP (NTFS) (pri)
    3. MAC OS X 10.5.7 (hfs+) (pri)
    4. DATA (Fat32) (extended)
    5. Media Direct – Windows XP embedded (Fat32) (extented)

    Partition 4 do not appear in chameleon bootloader cause this is one of the
    features of RC2, only this dell utility i want to hide also..

    maybe there is a command or script to be added in to manually
    hide this partition

    again thanks

  7. miaxz

    Hi there

    I am triple booting (XP, OS X, MediaDirect) in my dell 1525 with chameleon
    bootloader RC2, its great but i dont want the dell utility partition to appear
    in the bootloader menu, is there any way to hide this partition?

    thanks a lot