A Rough Google Chrome Build for OS X

If you’re eager to try out Google’s new browser, and use OS X, there’s now an unofficial build of it over at TechSutra. This build slightly edges out the Safari 4 beta and the Windows version of Chrome 2.0 on the SunSpider Javascript Benchmark. It works like other Mac applications, using the menu bar instead of the little page and tool icons found in its Windows incarnation. A cold start is incredibly fast and page loading is very snappy. It’s not ready for daily use, and many of the features still don’t work yet, but it’s still worth playing with. The build, which will be updated every two weeks, is available here. Go grab it.

While you’re busy with that, you can probably expect a public beta of Chrome for the Mac in Fall.


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6 Responses to “A Rough Google Chrome Build for OS X”

  1. Richard

    I signed up for the Mac updates before I tested it (on Windows) and I must say, Chrome really sucks. It could suck the Chrome off the bumper of a 1939 Chevy.

    I have a lot of web browsers, and the most popular least used on my computer is Opera. Why would I want to top that with yet *another* least used browser: Chrome? Nobody I know uses Chrome. They either use Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari. And come to think of it, nobody I know uses Safari for Windows.

    And don’t get me started on Opera. Thanks, Google, for creating more waste. Remember Google Answers?

  2. Alex

    I’ve signed up already. Everyone else should too.

  3. Thomas

    I was able to answer my own question with just a little research… Google is working on a Mac version of the browser and you can sign up for email alerts about its status at http://www.google.com/chrome/intl/en/mac.html

  4. Thomas

    Ok. Do you know if there is any scheduled date for when the real Google Chrome will be released for OS X, or if its even going to be released at all.

  5. Thomas

    So correct me if I’m wrong this was released by a third part vendor and not Google itself, right?