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Some design changes to the site [Updated]

July 19th, 2010


Feeling courageous, I made a couple additional changes to those already listed below. One major changes is that all primary boxes now have rounded edges. Secondary boxes (those contained inside of a major box) are not affected by this change. This was done to give more of an Apple/widget feel, and I think it is […]

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[External] How to Enable Multitasking on an iPhone 3G or iPod Touch 2G

July 9th, 2010


You probably didn’t notice, but a couple months back I got a job writing for TheAppleBlog, so from time to time I’m going to post links to some of my articles that may be of interest to you guys. So, without further ado: [link]

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We’re back, and we’re faster! (I hope)

July 1st, 2010


Thanks for patiently hanging in during our 3 hours of downtime. In the process, two comments were lost (sorry Alexander Brown), which isn’t bad for an entire host change. It was a spontaneous decision, so we didn’t have time to let you know about the downtime beforehand. Now that my promotion with 1and1 hosting is […]

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