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Great deals… boy do I love them!

April 30th, 2009


This is gonna be a fairly short post and is more of an F.Y.I. I just wanted to bring attention to Rick Broida’s blog over at Cnet. The blog is called The Cheapstake and features amazing deals on the web. The deals include Refurbished items along with some Rebates, but also sometimes New items with […]

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Starbucks Customers: Addicts or Assholes?

April 27th, 2009


When it comes to coffee, I love it. Not just for the caffeine but for the taste. I love coffee so much I drink a ton of it whenever I can — I even enjoy coffee-flavored items such as ice cream, candy, and alcoholic beverages. Needless to say I’m also a big fan of the […]

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Adding a dsdt.aml to older installs

April 18th, 2009


Note: This method works for all versions of Leopard and all distro’s used to install OS X (iPC, XxX, iDeneb, Kalyway, etc.) Lately, many people have been asking about sleep tricks and dsdt.aml’s and instead of Copy & Pasting the same text over and over again, I figured I would put all the information in […]

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Dim Display like Real Mac when Idle… Kinda

April 10th, 2009


Have your Hack display dim during periods of inactivity, just like the ‘Automatically reduce the display brightness before display sleep’ feature that doesn’t work on all of our Hackbooks.

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Taking advantage of that expensive warranty

April 10th, 2009


***Just note that this only applies to users who purchased their computer and warranty directly from Dell. If you bought it from BestBuy or some other store, stay away because their policies may be different. It also helps if your warranty includes in-home service so that you can be up and running again in 30 […]

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