Taking advantage of that expensive warranty

April 10th, 2009

Personal Rants

dell-logo***Just note that this only applies to users who purchased their computer and warranty directly from Dell. If you bought it from BestBuy or some other store, stay away because their policies may be different. It also helps if your warranty includes in-home service so that you can be up and running again in 30 minutes as opposed to 2 weeks.***

Sometimes you parts may go bad in your computer and they need to be replaced. Replacements are great not only because your computer will be working again, but overtime parts can wear down, slowdown, and just get plain old crappy so replacing them can be beneficial. Other times, though, you might just sometimes want a new part because you know the old one is not running like it should be. If you contact Dell and tell them this they won’t do anything for you because unless there is an actual problem, they dont even want to hear from you. I have an ongoing thread over at ihatedell.net with many tips and errors you can use to fool Dell into thinking that your parts really have gone bad so that they will give you new ones.

The reason I have drafted this list (you can also add your own tips if you would like) is because if your computer’s warranty is going to expire soon and you still have the original components in your computer, the parts could be ready to retire any day. Rather than just waiting to see if the part is going to fail before or after the warranty expires is just plain dumb. Rather than waiting, you can use the errors to get your parts replaced immediately to increase your computers lifespan. Plus, sometimes you can get lucky like I have before and Dell will just give you the new model of that item altogether. This only happens if your original part has been discontinued so its not highly likely, but it has happened quite a few times before, especially with older computers. So now that you know what to do, go rip off Dell. And be sure to add new items to the list if you find any good ones.

If you found this guide useful then feel free to make a donation by clicking the link at the end of the Author’s Mini-Biography. Any amount truly does help.

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6 Responses to “Taking advantage of that expensive warranty”

  1. Nathan

    My motherboard is getting replaced tomorrow
    My computer does have a problem though.
    The battery wont charge so they sent me a new one.
    Then it still didnt charge so i get a new motherboard :P

    Pretty Good deal Battery + Motherboard

  2. Thomas

    Haha I am actually usually very careful with all electronics. I just guess that I had a very unlucky week.

  3. Wolfer

    Man, Thomas… You need to be bit more careful with your 1525! It wants you love it, not abuse it! ;-)

  4. Thomas

    I actually held on to it for a few more days because I didn’t wanna give it up during speak break (Fedex is picking it up tomorrow) and I wound up dropping it again yesterday on the exact same place lol. The only two times I drop it and its within a week of each other and the same place! Now it wont charge so Ill be getting a new palm rest (it cracked in the process), black siding (it too cracked), and a new motherboard (because the battery will no longer charge). I could probably schmooze my way to a new charger, but I’m already on my third one so I think I’ll wait a little bit.

  5. Dave Wolf

    So, they fix the big crack you got in your when you dropped it the other day while we were chattin’?