Great deals… boy do I love them!

picture-14This is gonna be a fairly short post and is more of an F.Y.I. I just wanted to bring attention to Rick Broida’s blog over at Cnet. The blog is called The Cheapstake and features amazing deals on the web. The deals include Refurbished items along with some Rebates, but also sometimes New items with just an amazing deal. He only uses trusted sites though (,, etc.) so you can be confident in anything he posts to be high quality. Broida updates the blog about once a day so you can subscribe to the RSS feed for constant updates. Most of the deals go pretty quickly (some even in a day) so if you want one of the items, do not hesitate or it might be too late. Overall his blog is great to follow and really useful in finding great deals online. In the comments please feel free to let me know what you think of the Blog and if you decide to go with any of the deals

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4 Responses to “Great deals… boy do I love them!”

  1. Richard

    Good sites :) Also I believe these sites (I know Woot! does) have a Dashboard widget so you can catch the best deals without having to bookmark a ton of stuff. Great for impulse buys.

  2. Thomas

    Another one I just found out about recently is