Hardware Mod: Spray painting my Inspiron 1525 bezel black

June 29th, 2010

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Recently, user Alexander Brown decided to mod his 1525 by painting his bezel black.

I have just made my 1525 look more like a MacBook Pro. I painted the bezel black!

Intrigued by this, I decided to follow Alexander’s example and paint my bezel black also. 4 coats of spray paint, one angry neighbor (I did it out behind my apartment complex), and 12 hours of drying later, I had a black bezel! In this post, I won’t be showing you how to disassemble the laptop to paint the bezel, though how to do so should be fairly obvious. Also at the end of the post is a poll. Be sure to vote in it.

Some things to note:

– I still have my warranty, so I was able to get a replacement part to perform this on. If you do decide to do this, make sure you have a spare part in case the bezel cracks when removing it

-You need a big open space outdoors to spray paint so as not to breathe in the harmful fumes

-If you have a webcam, you will need to remove the small plastic cover from the back of the bezel. If you don’t remove it, the webcam lens won’t be able to see through the black spray paint, rendering your webcam useless

-Minor disassembly is necessary. Make sure you have all the proper tools

-Both glossy and flat spray paint will suffice. I used glossy (by accident) and think it looks great, so it’s all user preference.

Now that you’ve been noted, lets get on with the pictures! The last picture is a little mess up on my part. Just remember, paint does not like to be scratched.

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2 Responses to “Hardware Mod: Spray painting my Inspiron 1525 bezel black”

  1. Denise

    wow looks amazing!!!!

  2. Alexander Brown

    Nice, Thomas! Typing this from one of the MacBook Pro’s. God they look nice!