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How To Install Snow Leopard On A Dell Mini 9

January 3rd, 2010


The good, good people over at the MyDellMini forums have been working hard to get Snow Leopard up and purring on the Mini 9 since September, and now everything finally works. I’ve been waiting to publish this guide until Meklort released the final version of NetbookBootMaker .8.3, which resolves the issue of audio in/out not […]

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Quick Fix to get 10.6.2 Working on Atom Netbooks

November 11th, 2009


Have you updated your little Atom-based hackintosh to 10.6.2 and now are stuck with an unusable lump of plastic? Well, there’s an easy fix: downgrade your kernel. These simple instructions (courtesy of meklort) should get you back on your feet: Boot from whatever medium you used to install OS X. Go to Utilities -> Terminal. […]

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Steve Woz Approves of Hackintoshing?

March 26th, 2009


Mathew PB is one of the luckiest bastards on Earth; he has a hacked Dell Mini 9 with The Woz’s signature on it: He met Woz at Dancing With The Stars and showed him his hackintosh: He said, “Oh my god, that is so COOL!” And: “Is that really the color you wanted?” Then he […]

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