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Chameleon RC2… It’s here

July 26th, 2009


As you can probably guess from the title of this post, Chameleon RC2 was released as an update to the previously released Chameleon RC1 (No sh*t?). Because the RC2 doesn’t boast that many new features, just a couple on important bug fixes and a couple additions that the average user won’t notice or use, we […]

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Booting Ubuntu Linux with the Chameleon bootloader

May 16th, 2009


***Credit goes out to RCC2k7 over Ubuntu Forums. He wrote the instructions; I just made them easy to find.*** Ubuntu and Chameleon: wouldn’t it be great if they got along? You could completely ditch Windows and simply run Linux and Mac OS X. By default, you are unable to do so. ┬áThe issue lies with […]

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DailyBlogged/Inspiron 1525 Chameleon Theme

May 2nd, 2009


After finally getting my laptop back from Dell’s repair depot and having time to settle back down, I decided to get to the long awaited task of developing Chameleon themes. Before I get into everything, let me just say that this is my first theme so don’t be too critical. Anyway, for my first one […]

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Adding a dsdt.aml to older installs

April 18th, 2009


Note: This method works for all versions of Leopard and all distro’s used to install OS X (iPC, XxX, iDeneb, Kalyway, etc.) Lately, many people have been asking about sleep tricks and dsdt.aml’s and instead of Copy & Pasting the same text over and over again, I figured I would put all the information in […]

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An Accidental Stroke of Brilliance

March 19th, 2009


Today, when I left my newly installed and configured HackBook (running XxX 10.5.6) downstairs for awhile, the display went to sleep. I thought nothing of it of course. I closed the lid and took it upstairs. When I opened the lid, it gave me the boot prompt. “Strange,” I thought, and when I pressed enter […]

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