Steve Jobs Officially Back at Apple

June 29th, 2009

Apple / Mac

jobsAfter being gone for six months and having a liver transplant, everyone’s favorite CEO is officially back at Apple.

Said Apple spokesman Steve Dowling:

“Steve Jobs is back to work. He is at Apple a few days a week and working from home the other days. We’re glad to have him back.”

This return probably won’t stop the reporters from trying to pry into his personal business, but it should hopefully calm shareholders. But news about Jobs’ health always brings about the question of Apple’s future without him.

Personally, I think Apple would be fine, if not great. They have a lot of momentum going now with the release of a new iPhone, and their stock has been doing great in the last six months without Jobs. After being ousted in 1985 from the company that he spent the majority of his life building, Jobs is going to make damn sure it thrives after he’s gone.

[via CNN]

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3 Responses to “Steve Jobs Officially Back at Apple”

  1. Thomas

    Lmfao Nathan. Had to sacrifice his apples…. just brilliant!

  2. Richard

    I can confirm that Steve Jobs is running on Snow Leopard. Why, I saw him pull up to the building riding one.

  3. Nathan

    Steve Jobs got a Liver Transplant
    He also added 4GB of RAM, Got 2 500GB Hard Drives
    And changed his body to Snow Leopard 10.6

    Sadly though he had to sacrifice his Apples for those 2 Hard drives.